June 29, 2014

2 months of no straightening…check!

Friday morning, I went to the salon and got my hair conditioned, hydrated, and straightened! I wore my hair in it's natural state using no-heat styles for two months straight. And during those two months I finally learned what styles and products work for my hair. Figuring all that out really made me start loving and embracing my curls, regardless of how they looked on a particular day. But I wanted my hair straight for this weekend and I love how it turned out.

My color looks a little redder than when it was first done, but I still love it.

I'll probably keep it straight for a couple of weeks before returning back to the no-heat styles. I'm determined to get another no-heat month in so that I can cross this item off my year 23 bucket list!


  1. Your hair looks so healthy! I'm loving that boost in color!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  2. I think your hair looks great wavy Vett, I bet your hair got extra healthy these past 2 months without the extra heat! It looks great.

  3. Loving that color! Ive been trying the no heat myself lately. A perm rod roller set has been my new best friend. I made it thru three weeks without having to do anything at all but run my fingers thru the curls. You have me wanting to add some more color for the summer!

  4. Hello from Spain: you're very pretty with your hair flat. It fits you well. Keep in touch

  5. You look gorgeous no matter how you wear your hair :) You are such a brave woman to do no-heat.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  6. my hair are like nests. Its literally impossible for me to go with ironing them an entire month.
    way to go dear!

  7. Your hair is so gorgeous and shiny! A tad jealous, not gonna lie ha ;)

  8. Congrats! It was so funny to me that I kept counting down the time until my challenge was over, and now that it is, I'm still not heat styling. Although...I'm contemplating a big cut soon so I'm sure I will be.

  9. It's looking good!


  10. Your hair look so pretty and healthy!


  11. I LOVE the volume and heavenly shine! You betta get it chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  12. I think it is okay to use some heat from time to time... it is when you go over board and have heat on your hair daily... it is good to go natural from time to time... :) ♥


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