May 31, 2012

Art {katherine santana}

Art - for some people it's a hobby, for my friend Katherine Santana, it's a passion. Katherine is local to Baton Rouge, LA, but a product of the Atlanta area. I knew she had talent when I saw her sketches, doodles, and photographs in high school...and she's only gotten better.

Katherine showing one of her works.

Mini-Interview with Katherine
Tell me about your major: "I'm a 4th year Art major at LSU with a concentration in Printmaking."

How long have you been doing art?: "I guess since I was 13 years old. You know how I learned how to mother would put down butcher paper and put my feet in paint so that I would walk across the paper, making colorful steps and paintings."

What inspires your art?: " I hate to say that, but that's what it is. Human interaction and communication from this realm and from whatever realm that's outside of this...a higher power in which people communicate with internally."

How would you describe your art?: Colorful! It's very colorful. My style is just whatever I feel like doing that day. I don't think I'm confined to a certain style yet. My mind changes from's a Santana style."

Are any of your pieces for sale?: Yes, all of them. I'm learning to not be so attached to my art.

See more from Katherine at:

"A good painting to me has always been like a good friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires." Heddy Lamarr

Treat. Yo. Self.

Treat. Yo. Self. - The other day, my best friend Nick sent out this YouTube clip from Parks and Recreation...just a fun reminder to "treat yo self" and reward yourself every now and then. Sure, there are some negatives to living in the city, but the positives are even greater. Below I've listed three of my favorite things.

1. Real Housewives of Atlanta: Not only did this reality television series inspire my blog title, but it is also one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Sure, some of the fighting is extreme (and probably scripted), but I just cannot get enough of NeNe Leakes or Kim Zolciak. If you're a reality TV addict like me, treat yourself to some personal time with your favorite trashy television show this weekend. If you're totally against reality television and think it kills one million brain cells a might be right. But, I guarantee you will get a good laugh while watching. RHOA is one of my personal faves because I play a game while watching where I try and guess where the cast is in Atlanta and/or look for myself in the background! Although this series isn't currently on air because they're filming the next season, you can catch one of the stars, Kim Zolciak, tonight on Bravo @ 9:30pm on her spin-off, "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding."

2. Online Browsing: If you have a shopping addiction, read and repeat the following sentence. Hide the credit cards. Online browsing is similar to online shopping except for one thing: you do not actually purchase the beautiful items you find online. Instead, browse the site and see what is popular/trendy. Get inspired. Maybe create something similar in a DIY project, go shop at a vintage store in midtown, or mix and match some of the clothes you already own to create something brand new! Here are some fabulous things I found while browsing...I did have to give in and buy one item to prepare for my upcoming trip to Spain!

Kate Spade Crossbody bag


3. Southern Food: Being born and raised in the south comes with the advantages and sometimes weight disadvantages of delicious southern or soul food. Even in the city, there are plenty of places to get some great soul food for a great price. My absolute favorite place is Mary Mac's on Ponce - super cheesy macaroni and cheese, juicy greens, fresh yeast rolls, and perfectly sweetened sweet tea. Treat yourself to some mmm mmm good fried chicken and vegetables this weekend with the ones you love. Checkout some recipes below!

Sweet Potato French Fries
Chipotle Gouda Mac and Cheese

Southern Fried Chicken


Fresh - (not only is it an amazing skin/haircare product line), but fresh is also a great way to describe a new start, a new beginning, a new page, a new chapter, a new me.

Enjoying a wonderful afternoon on my friend Ellie's balcony in Midtown Atlanta.

I never thought I would start a blog, but after having to keep up with several blogs for school last semester (sigh), I thought, why not have a blog for fun about my favorite thing - life. So, here we go!

I'm in love with the Atlanta skyline - not too big, not too small. Photo by Google

Every post will revolve around a word/thought/quotation that I have been inspired by. And of course, every post will peek into my life as a Real College Student of Atlanta. I've lived in the Atlanta area my entire life (21 years or so), but being a college student in the actual city is a whole different experience. I think people sometimes take our beautiful and historic city for granted. What do people really know about this beautiful place that has been around since the 1840's? I know what I learned in Georgia History in middle school...but I also know that Atlanta and life have so much to offer...and I'm ready to explore it.

This blog will document my encounters, adventures, and realizations that occur as I explore the food, hidden treasures, fashion, schools, lifestyles, natural hair care, sites, and all of the other things that Atlanta and life throw my way! Enjoy and find out why people love Atlanta forever.

Fresh. If there's anything I've learned, it's that it is never too late to start over. Let today be your Day 1.

"It's not always about trying to fix something that's broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better." - Unknown


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