July 30, 2012

Jewelry in ATL {ykbeads}

One thing I noticed while in Spain (fashion-wise) was how almost every female and male I saw had on really unique and fabulous bracelets. It was like they used arm candy to express their individual styles!

YKBEADS is an Atlanta-based company with beautiful products for women. They have a diverse collection of designs and a range of prices, making for the perfect gift! Check out some of my favorite pieces:

Life Slate Bracelets

July 26, 2012

The weekend line up {7/26-7/29}

It's my last weekend in Spain and I'm so excited to go out and enjoy my final days in this beautiful country. I hope you all have a great weekend in ATL, see what events are happening this weekend! <3




July 25, 2012

Toledo y Barcelona {more of Spain}

This past weekend I traveled from Madrid to Toledo, Spain to Barcelona, Spain, and back to Madrid in less than 48 hours! It was pretty intense and flew by, but such a great and educational weekend. I went to Toledo with my classmates and our tour guide...so that was the history lesson trip. But I went to Barcelona with Jasmine, Morgan, and Megha to visit other Tech students studying abroad in Barcelona - great decision! Even though Barcelona is technically in the same country as Madrid, it was a completely different place and completely different culture (and language!) <3!


I've seen a couple of bridal shower parties like these in Spain. Women dress up in similar costumes and run around the city on a "scavenger hunt" type adventure...interesting.

Toledo, Spain inspired the phrase "Holy Toledo!"


Mix of Spain study abroad students!

July 23, 2012

Why {jasmine} loves ATL & her Chick-fil-A internship

Jasmine Burton  

College student, Chick-fil-a Design Intern

Why do you love your Chick-fil-a internship:

This summer I was blessed to have opportunity to work in the design department at Chick-fil-A Headquarters in Atlanta. I am an Industrial Design major (we design products that people interact with) at Georgia Tech and have loved getting to see how design works in the corporate world. I have worked with architects, interior designers, equipment designers, photographers, and other types of designers that have really broadened my understanding of various types of design and what their roles are in Chick-fil-A.

Jasmine at her internship

In terms of design projects that I have had the chance to work on this summer, I have been working on several industrial design related concepts related to new playground designs, new trashcans, and new catering front counter kiosks. It has been really amazing to learn how to ground my design ideas on real opinions, real needs, and real constraints.

The Chick-fil-A internship program itself has kept me busy as well, as we attend internship events and work on an inter-disciplinary internship project that is meant to help propose new solutions to problems that departments at 
Chick-fil-A face. It has been such an amazing and eye-opening experience and not to mention, the food is DELICIOUS!

The relationships that I have gained this summer are priceless. Even when I go into meetings, people say, "Tell me your story." Everyone has a story, and at Chick-fil-A, the employeess genuinely want to know your story and what your goals are in life. At the beginning of the summer we are assigned to an Intern Coach within our department to whom we report about meetings, traveling, and projects. My intern coach, Nathaniel Cates, is actually a Georigia Tech grad from the college of Architecture which is awesome! 

At the beginning 
of the summer, he gave me a list 
of people that he thought I should meet with. 
And as I have gotten to meet with all of these 
different designers, developers, engineers, and constructorsI have learned how much I value talking to people who are interesting, intelligent and caring. There are actually quite a few Tech grads that work at Chick-fil-A! 
So by far, the relationships are 
why I love my internship and
 being at Chick-fil-A!

Why do you love ATL:

I have grown up right outside of Atlanta in Dunwoody, GA my whole life. 
I never really thought I would end up at Tech because I sought to be an artist out of high school. 
However, learning about design and factoring in money really opened my eyes to Georgia Tech, especially after learning about the Industrial 
Design program which is essentially like "practical art."

Coming to Tech was definitely the right decision in that I have learned about so many different people and have had numerous opportunities to experience numerous cultural experiences such as going to DubStep shows at the Quad or the Tabernacle, going to see a musical at the Fox, listening to spoken word at Apache Cafe, eating at the Varsity, going to Passion City Church Conference at the World Congress Center, exploring the up and coming Beltline, going to sports events at the Georgia Dome or Philips Arena, and of course GT football games.

 I love the diversity of people and opportunities that Atlanta has to offer and I love that Georgia Tech is immersed within it, but has a green campus as well. It's like we have everything we need to keep us not only sustained but also entertained and inquisitive in Atlanta. In my eyes, it is soon to be if it is not already the 'New York' of the south. 
ATLiens forever!


For the chance to be featured on RCSOATL, send an email including {your name, your favorite spot in Atlanta, why you love our city, and a photo of you in Atlanta} to rcsoatl@gmail.com - Open to all ages!

July 19, 2012

The weekend line up {7/19-7/22}

It's Thursday, Thursday, sooo close to Friday! Lots of great Atlanta events are happening starting today, enjoy your weekend! <3





July 18, 2012

Granada y Sevilla {amazing views}

Granada y Sevilla are both beautiful cities of Spain, booming with history. The best parts of the trips (in my opinion) were the breathtaking views from the historic buildings of both cities. Both are perfect cities to visit for any religious person, nature lover, shopaholic, architecture lover, fitness junkie, etc. - I think anyone would enjoy both places. Disclaimer -- it is HOT in South Spain, just like ATL <3!


Fresh off the train in Sevilla



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