July 25, 2012

Toledo y Barcelona {more of Spain}

This past weekend I traveled from Madrid to Toledo, Spain to Barcelona, Spain, and back to Madrid in less than 48 hours! It was pretty intense and flew by, but such a great and educational weekend. I went to Toledo with my classmates and our tour guide...so that was the history lesson trip. But I went to Barcelona with Jasmine, Morgan, and Megha to visit other Tech students studying abroad in Barcelona - great decision! Even though Barcelona is technically in the same country as Madrid, it was a completely different place and completely different culture (and language!) <3!


I've seen a couple of bridal shower parties like these in Spain. Women dress up in similar costumes and run around the city on a "scavenger hunt" type adventure...interesting.

Toledo, Spain inspired the phrase "Holy Toledo!"


Mix of Spain study abroad students!

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