July 15, 2013

The benefits of blueberries

One of the questions I've received the most from my "eating clean" posts is, "Why do you eat so many blueberries?"

"You forgot the blueberries," one of my favorite YouTube videos

Well besides the fact that they're delicious and can be included in just about any type of food, there are also so many health benefits that come with eating blueberries.

Easy morning shake: handful of blueberries + ice

I include them in almost all of my morning shakes, and try to add them to any clean meal I eat.

Health benefits of blueberries:
one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits and vegetables (antioxidants fight free radicals that can damage cellular structure and DNA)

blueberries are healthiest when eaten raw (that's when they have the greatest nutritional benefits)

blueberries can serve as antidepressants 

blueberries contain fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and are low in calories

blueberries improve blood fat balances, reduce cholesterol, protect the cells lining the blood vessel walls, and improve heart health

blueberries protect the retina from harmful oxygen damage and improve vision

blueberries help in reducing stomach fat

blueberries improve digestion

blueberries can improve memory and brain health

blueberries improve urinary tract health

blueberries can be frozen without losing these benefits

Did you know about all of these health benefits?


  1. Great post dear! I love blueberries so much and didn't really know all these benefits. Thanks for sharing! xx Pip

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  2. I love them too :)!! Yummy

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  3. i did not know that vett! there are so many excellent reasons to eat them. i have to start eating more! thanks girl.

  4. love the post i love blueberries didnt know all those facts thanks,


  5. MMMmmm, I just had blueberries in my breakfast!

  6. I actually don't like blueberries, one of my favorite artificial flavors but could never stand the real thing.

  7. I so agree, I throw blueberries into everything!!


  8. I LOVE blueberries, what a great post!

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  9. I knew many of these things, but I had no idea that blueberries could improve vision - mine needs some work, so I'll have to start eating more blueberries!

  10. I LOVE blueberries but to be honest, I'm more of a fan of blackberries. I like to combine them all together for a fruit salad.

  11. I love blueberries too. And that YouTube video of the little girls never gets old. I crack up every time.

  12. Lmaooo I loved that video! I definitely need to incorporate more blueberries into my diet! I feel like the morning shake will probably be the easiest way to consume it haha!

  13. Um, this is fantastic! I have a whole thing of blueberries in my fridge that I was kind of wondering what to do with.. (they were on sale! lol) - totally making a smoothie with them!! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you!! xo


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