July 07, 2013

Rain, rain, go away {indoor activity ideas}

Dear Atlanta,
Why won't you stop raining?

I don't remember what the sun looks like.
Is this how people in Seattle feel?
I think it's yellow and bright...maybe? It's been raining here in Atlanta for days (feels like weeks), and it's really starting to affect people. But I'm here to share some fun activity ideas that can be done even when it's raining! 

Going to Piedmont Park or walking around in the city is really appealing during the summer, but hopefully some of these activities will help you maintain your sunny summer disposition.

And since it doesn't look like the rainy weather is disappearing anytime soon, we'll have lots of time to do these activities!

Here are some activities specifically for Atlanta that will allow you to still have fun this summer, despite the rain!

Indoor Activities in ATL:

What's your favorite indoor activity?


  1. well that sure is great stuffs to do when your in that situation

  2. you guys have experienced a deluge lately! when it rains for 4-7 days consecutively i go stir crazy. you QUICKLY find things to do.

  3. it's been raining like crazy all week and last week, and the other last week, etc.

  4. It's been raining out here like that but that's nothing new in Louisiana. Out here, it can be so beautiful and then all of a sudden, rain comes. At this point, I'm used to it and I love the summer rains.

    This post came in handy just in case when I'm out there in Atlanta it rains and I need something to do. Or even when I don't have anything to do.. LOL!

  5. I am going crazy. I was so let down on the 4th bc Marietta canceled their fireworks. I want to be able to lay at the pool again.


  6. It's 95+ in Idaho right now, so these ideas work well for killer hot days as well!

  7. It hasn't stopped raining in MD either! It's getting a little ridiculous! Thanks for the fabulous list of fun things to do on rainy days!!

  8. It's been raining like crazy here too. I love your list... DIY from pinterest is a great idea... I have so many pins piled up that I still haven't tried!!

  9. It has been raining cats and dogs where I am too! On my rainy days I usually like to do all of the crafts I have pinned onto pinterest! I made a post about it a little bit ago! You can check it out at...



  10. Such a great and informative post! Love it!

  11. Fave indoor activities for rainy days? I like being home in my pjs cooking and watching movies!


  12. I don't know why Atlanta is doing this to us!! Lol... the other day I was able to snag a few photos on a mini shopping spree. Check it out! Theluxeonlenox.blogspot.com


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