October 31, 2012

Praying for those affected by Sandy

Photo by CNN.com

Hurricane Sandy left quite the mark on the Eastern Coast of the United States. I am praying and thinking of all of those affected by the storm.


October 30, 2012

iPhone {case} update

Current cheetah phone case
My iPhone goes everywhere that I go. So it's only right that my phone has a stylish case as I use and abuse it on a daily basis. I currently have a cheetah/leopard print case from J. Crew, which I love. Can't get enough of animal prints (when done correctly). 

But, I love bright colors and glitter even more! I got super excited when I stumbled upon this new Kate Spade iPhone case and I had to order it. I'm excited to have this case on my phone throughout the holidays and for my birthday (in January). Thank you, Kate Spade, for knowing me so well! <3

October 29, 2012

Monday Motivation {follow your dreams}

We're more than halfway through the school semester and it's time to reevaluate everything. Life is moving so quickly as I do assignments for class and organizations, work, be social and look for a job for after graduation! I spent some of this weekend updating my list of goals and dreams. Now time to make them come true with hard work & prayer <3!

Have a great week!

October 28, 2012

Contributing blogger {e-college finder}

The 2012 Presidential Election is just around the corner on November 6th, and it’s really coming down to the wire. 

While you may already have a good idea of who you’re voting for, do you know how their stances on educational policies may affect you for the next four years? Obama and Romney differ on a lot of issues, and higher education is one of them. All college students should be aware of the candidates’ stances on student loans, repayment, college choice, and more.

Luckily, an online colleges resource, eCollegeFinder, put out a whitepaper that breaks down the candidates’ positions on higher education. Complicated educational policy is put into layman’s terms, so check it out here if you want to further educate yourself on the candidates.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, or any other political affiliation, these are issues that can impact you, so be sure to look into them! 

- eCollegeFinder

I'm so excited to vote in my first Presidential Election, I'll be voting early in just a few days! :)

October 26, 2012

Music in ATL {Night Driving}

As much as I love my favorite artists, I'm always in search of new music to listen to! I was too happy when this Atlanta-based band, Night Driving in Small Towns (Night Driving) contacted me to listen to their music, and even happier when I really liked the music. It's kind of a blend of indie, rock, pop and a little R&B, in my opinion. Sounds so nice :)

Listen to their song, "Underpin," HERE! I've been listening to this one all week while doing homework - the music and lyrics are great and so calming!

This is an older song, but I love it - so peaceful and beautiful!

Night Driving in Small Towns are land dwellers. Having moved from small southern towns to the city of Atlanta in 2008, the band has seen its share of topography.  So has their music. Having navigated the spaces between artsy folk pop and brazen indie rock, their sound is sometimes gutsy, sometimes reserved, but always premeditated. 

The group’s musical content originates from the songwriting duo of Andrea Rogers and Colby Wright. The two have written together for almost a decade, getting their craft down to a weird science in the process. Wright provides a lush musical backdrop for Rogers’s intimate lyrics, an amalgamation that has been described as a “potent cocktail” of sound (Michael Shaunessy, Flagpole). This intoxicating vibe led to Night Driving’s inclusion in a 2008 list of the “Top 25 Bands on Myspace” as determined by Rolling Stone, as well as their subsequent inclusion on the roster of Atlanta’s Lower 40 Records.

They are putting out a new EP on October 30th and are doing a big CD release on November 1st at The Earl in East Atlanta. 

If you like them as much as I do, check out more from them and add them to your iTunes library - I'm so happy they found me and that I have great new music to listen to :)

Follow them on Twitter - @nightdriving
Download their music - Noise Trade

What do you think of their music??

October 23, 2012

Gold & glitter

I have a slight obsession with the color gold and with sparkly/glittery items in general. I wanted to find something gold + sparkly to wear to a step show at my school and was too thrilled when I found this dress! I got it at fab'rik and they had lots of other cute options too. (They're also on Scoutmob right now.) It's fun, yet classy and shiny clothing is usually a hit! :)

With the male step show winners, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.




October 19, 2012

Eating in ATL {FIGO pasta}

People who know me know how much I love pasta. It's probably my favorite carbohydrate. And one of my absolute favorite places to go for pasta in Atlanta is Figo Pasta! Their pasta and other food options are fresh and so delicious. I enjoy creating new pasta combinations by mixing pasta types, sauces and adding in meats or veggies. It's a fun environment and I'm not ashamed to say I've been there 5...or 6 times this month already - can't get enough!

They have several locations in Atlanta!

Dinner with my friend Alison at Figo!
One of my pasta creations - spinach penne with salmon, yum!

Dinner at Figo with my friend Hannah!

After posting this, I went to eat at Figo (surprise) with two of my guy friends, Alex & Nick -- it was once again, amazing!

Nick's pasta

Alex's salad & chicken

My ravioli 

Enjoy! <3

October 17, 2012

Benefits of the beach

My school has been on Fall Break for the past few days and it's been a much needed break from school. I got to go to the beach this weekend and it was a phenomenal trip. My brain is constantly racing with ideas and thoughts, but while I was at the beach, my brain took a break. 

The sound of crashing waves helps me relax like nothing else. What sound helps you relax?


October 15, 2012

Striped Pants, Finally!

Ever since I saw the movie Beetlejuice yearssss ago, I've wanted some black and white striped jeans.

 I always thought they could be fashionable looking and not just strange. Last weekend, I walked into H&M at Atlantic Station and my size of these jeans were hanging on a rack waiting for me!

Too perfect and for $20! That is all! I'm so happy & got lots of compliments on them from strangers all throughout the day :)

October 12, 2012

ATL It's The Journey 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer

I know you've already heard it a hundred times, but I don't mind reminding you that it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month - it's such an important cause and near and dear to my heart that I hope you're encouraged to donate to organizations fighting against the disease and supporting those who must battle it. Also, females and males, please get regular check ups so that if something is wrong, it can be detected as soon as possible. 

It's The Journey, Inc. - producer of the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer - is a local organization that celebrated its 10th Anniversary last week. Participants walk 30 miles through Atlanta over two days and also participate in events and meals together.

My best friend Nick and some of his family & friends participated in the walk in honor of his mother and I was so honored to meet them at the finish line on the second day of the walk. I'm so impressed and supportive of It's The Journey Inc. and I'm happy that I could support them through my donation.

Nick & the rest of the group at mile 20 of 30, exhausted I'm sure!
Breast Cancer Survivors crossing the finish line together

After he finished the 30 miles!

Nick and Kim Goff, Executive Director

October 10, 2012

Why {hannah kyung} loves ATL


College student  

Why do you love ATL:

Aside from being the only city "easily identified by just one letter," Atlanta has served as my gateway to an atmosphere that can only be described as euphoric. You are surrounded with an abundant array of music, culture, and food with an opportunity to truly experience all four seasons. Atlanta's urban charm won't leave you bankrupt as a good meal can always be found on every corner. It's a city that has always been good to me and it's a city that I will always love

What's your favorite spot in ATL:

For a rainy day when you're feeling like you need a quick surge of some warm soup belly, I find myself at Antico Pizza. If you can, find the time to dine-in because you will find the experience to be a quick remedy for the blues. You will feel the heat of the brick ovens radiating on your face, and watching how your food is prepared always makes for a treat. Choose from a wide selection of authentic Italian style pizzas and make sure to ask for dipping sauce and sides of the different spices! They also let you bring your own drinks, and BYOB, so round up the gang and make it a party!

Some of my other favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat would be Taqueria del Sol, Ormsby's, Figo Pasta, and Yeah Burger.


For the chance to be featured on RCSOATL, send an email including {your name, your favorite spot in Atlanta, why you love our city, and a photo of you in Atlanta} to rcsoatl@gmail.com -
 Open to all ages!

October 08, 2012

Music in ATL {Ah-Mielyon}

I love hearing about up and coming artists in Atlanta. Our city has so many talented people with so much to offer. Ah-Mielyon is a female duo hip-hop/pop music group that's based in Atlanta. They're very serious about pursuing their music career, have great voices and lyrics, and also have a unique style. I listened to a few of their tracks and they've just released a video, "Bumpin In The Back" on YouTube. 

I think it's great -- watch the video and let me know what you think!

October 05, 2012

Eating in ATL {taste of atlanta}

Finally, it's Taste of Atlanta weekend! I absolutely love this event and I'm so grateful that it's held on my college's campus. Yeah, the traffic and blocked roads are super inconvenient, but being able to walk to the event and knowing the area really well make the inconveniences worth it. I've gone a few times and it's really one of my favorite events that Atlanta offers -- heaven for food lovers :)

What is it?

Over 80 restaurants set up on 5th street in Atlanta with booths full of their amazing food! You get to walk around and sample all types of food! Tickets start at $25 when you buy them online. Yum! <3

October 02, 2012

Football weekend in ATL

I went to three football games this weekend - THREE. I really love football and really really love going to games, so it was a great weekend. All three games were in Atlanta (Georgia Tech, Atlanta Football Classic, and Atlanta Falcons). The Tech game was difficult to watch because we did not perform our best...the Atlanta Football Classic had an amazing half-time show...and the Falcons game was INCREDIBLE! The Falcons beat the Carolina Panthers in the final seconds of the game and remain undefeated - fantastic :)
Mike and I at the Georgia Tech game!
Sharena, Shayla and I at the Atlanta Classic!

At the Falcons game with Nick!


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