October 26, 2012

Music in ATL {Night Driving}

As much as I love my favorite artists, I'm always in search of new music to listen to! I was too happy when this Atlanta-based band, Night Driving in Small Towns (Night Driving) contacted me to listen to their music, and even happier when I really liked the music. It's kind of a blend of indie, rock, pop and a little R&B, in my opinion. Sounds so nice :)

Listen to their song, "Underpin," HERE! I've been listening to this one all week while doing homework - the music and lyrics are great and so calming!

This is an older song, but I love it - so peaceful and beautiful!

Night Driving in Small Towns are land dwellers. Having moved from small southern towns to the city of Atlanta in 2008, the band has seen its share of topography.  So has their music. Having navigated the spaces between artsy folk pop and brazen indie rock, their sound is sometimes gutsy, sometimes reserved, but always premeditated. 

The group’s musical content originates from the songwriting duo of Andrea Rogers and Colby Wright. The two have written together for almost a decade, getting their craft down to a weird science in the process. Wright provides a lush musical backdrop for Rogers’s intimate lyrics, an amalgamation that has been described as a “potent cocktail” of sound (Michael Shaunessy, Flagpole). This intoxicating vibe led to Night Driving’s inclusion in a 2008 list of the “Top 25 Bands on Myspace” as determined by Rolling Stone, as well as their subsequent inclusion on the roster of Atlanta’s Lower 40 Records.

They are putting out a new EP on October 30th and are doing a big CD release on November 1st at The Earl in East Atlanta. 

If you like them as much as I do, check out more from them and add them to your iTunes library - I'm so happy they found me and that I have great new music to listen to :)

Follow them on Twitter - @nightdriving
Download their music - Noise Trade

What do you think of their music??


  1. They have a really nice sound! It's very smooth. Love her voice. That was so nice of them! Great music review Vett!

  2. whatta soothing voice it feels like im in a cabaret

  3. Love discovering new bands! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I'm following you on gfc. Do you wanna follow each other??

    Another earth pink

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! Of course I want us to follow each other, following you now! :*


  6. hmmm very soothing... could drift off. Thanks for putting that up



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