October 11, 2017

Guest Post {Top Benefits of Using Social Media Screening When Hiring}

The number of organizations that have started using social media screening as a way of researching more about their potential hires before contacting them and booking them for interviews has increased significantly. HR departments in most organizations are busy trying to get a generic idea about the persona of their potential candidates by reading their social media profiles in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram among others. It's true that most of these tech-savvy organizations have realized positive results by leveraging social media platforms for purposes of screening potential hires. Here are some of the pros of utilizing social media in determining whether a particular candidate can be appropriate for your organization or not:

Assess the writing and communicating skills

Every company requires employees who can communicate effectively with his or her colleagues, and most importantly, with its customers. When hiring, it's not easy to tell whether the candidate wrote his or her cover letter and resume. Some people hire professional resume writers to prepare these sensitive documents. Hence, by perusing through the profile of your potential candidates on social media platforms, you can detect whether the candidate has the right writing and communication skills when articulating his ideas on social media or not.

Get insights on the candidate's informal life

A candidate will strive to put the best foot in every facet during the interview, and thus it won't be easy to know more about the candidate's informal life, especially the dark side. Hence, social media screening will help you in finding that information and getting to know how your potential candidate behaves in a typical day. You'll learn how the individual behaves in real life situations by reading through the comments he or she makes when mingling with people from all walks of life on the social media networks.

Clear background check

It's a cheaper method of enabling employers to conduct background checks and probably make on the spot decisions concerning potential hires. Furthermore, the background check can be conducted from anywhere regardless of the time. For instance, LinkedIn will help you understand the professional makeup of a candidate, Facebook will provide you with an insight on the candidate's daily life, while Twitter will show you how opinionative the potential candidate is.

Read recommendations

There are certain social media networks like LinkedIn that will provide you with very insightful information on the recommendations that the candidate has from previous employers. You'll even learn how the candidate managed to survive through the challenges they faced in their previous projects or job positions.

Relevant for social media professionals

With the rapid growth being experienced in the usage of social media networks, organizations are increasing hiring social media specialists to monitor and boost their online interactions with existing and potential customers. For candidates who are looking for jobs in this particular domain, it's important for the employer to screen their digital footprint, especially their keenness in handling themselves on social media platforms. Social media network screening services from Fama's artificial intelligence are simple, faster, and convenient ways of combing through a candidate's online presence and getting more information about your potential employees.

What do you think about using social media screening to research potential hires?


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