December 30, 2012

hello, 2013

I've never really liked the word "resolution." It just doesn't seem aggressive enough to involve setting goals for an entire year - over 300 days! So, for a while now I've prepared for every New Year by making a list of "Must-Do's" and "Realistic Goals."

My 2013 Must-Do's

Must-Do's are exactly what they sound like. A list of tasks/goals (I'm sharing 8 of mine) that you MUST DO this year. They are absolutely possible, just take dedication and commitment. Here are mine: 

1. Graduate - I'm on track to graduate from Georgia Tech in May of 2013. Exciting, yet scary. I've been in school since Pre-K so this is a huge accomplishment and something that I must-do. I'm also aiming to graduate with some honors :)

2. Travel to Miami, New York and California - I must travel to Miami (to see my high school best friend Alex who attends UMiami). I promised I'd visit her while we're in college and time is running out! To NYC (to visit my best friend Nick who will soon be living up there and other friends & family). I'm thinking that will be my Spring Break trip. And to California (to see my newborn nephew, aww!)

3. RCSOATL - I have fallen in love with blogging! Whenever I get discouraged, I get a sweet message from a reader or a question from a high school student and the motivation and inspiration hits hard. I must continue blogging, at least until I graduate. And I'd like to post blogs on a daily basis.

4. Write a book - I've been wanting to write a book for years now. I have several almost finished projects on my computer and stirring in my head, but have yet to just finish and publish one. This is the year that it must happen. Get excited!

5. Get a job - I'm a college senior so of course people expect that your next step is working or more school! I'm planning to work for a little before earning my next degree. So getting a job to pay for it is a MUST.

6. Put on tennis shoes once a week - Notice how I worded this. Finding the motivation to workout can be a struggle for me, but once I'm doing it I'm fine! I must put on my tennis shoes (they're bright pink!) at least once a week so that I'm dressed appropriately to exercise and hopefully that will lead to physical activity.

7. Save $10 a month for ATL charities - I have a few jobs, plus advertising fees from my blog. I donate to great causes when I feel like I have enough, but I'd like to improve on this. Instead of having a separate account for donating to charity, I must set aside $10 every month to donate - I'll submit the donations in June and again in December of 2013.

8. Keep a gratitude journal - With my personality (Type A, always on the go, etc.) I can easily forget to appreciate the little things in life. I read about keeping a gratitude journal and I think it would be the perfect tool for me - something I must do. I always feel so happy when I think about how much I have to be grateful for.

Realistic Goals is my on-going list of things that I would like to accomplish. There's not as much pressure, but just inspiration to do better and be better - realistically

1. Phone calls - I'm terrible with phone calls. One thing you won't catch me doing is talking on the phone. But with friends moving far away and some of my family members being unable to communicate any other way - I've got to improve my phone calling skills and call my loved ones more.

2. Organize my closet - (in Atlanta and at my parents' house). Enough said.

3. Read 5 books for fun - I'm hoping this will get easier once I graduate - there's never really time when I'm in school to read books other than the ones I'm assigned for class.

4. RCSOATL, Inc. - Expand the brand, visit middle and high school students to discuss the importance of higher education, and partner with more community service organizations.

5. Limit my computer time - I'd like to limit my time on the computer to 3 hours/day. It's easy for digital products to take over your life!

6. Grocery shopping - I love cooking, but didn't really do much of it this year. I'd like to eat out less in 2013 and cook more with my roommate, Jade, (who's a great cook!) in 2013.

7. Explore Atlanta - Having this blog has sparked my love for ATL and I know there's so much more to see. I'm in the process of making a bucket list for places to see in ATL!

8. Save up for a car - It's time for a new car, so I want to seriously save and take the steps toward buying a new car!

Wishing you a bright, happy, and positive 2013! I'll be ringing in the New Year in my favorite city, ATL :)


{OOTD # 1}

I told you how I recently downloaded Instagram, so far, loving it! But I am still on Winter Break with plenty of free time -- we'll see what happens when school starts back

I've had 5 or 6 people email me asking me to post Outfits of the Day or {OOTD}. 

By no means am I a fashion expert or anything, but I definitely love fashion and express who I am (that day) through what I wear. I posted my first {OOTD} via my Instagram account, it was fun to make! Hope you enjoyed the last Sunday of the year, 2013 is SO close!!!


December 29, 2012

Catching up with HS {and college} friends

Taking silly photos with my college friend, Nick
 Catching up with friends can be difficult, but Winter Break and other holidays are the perfect time for doing so. One of the best things about coming home (besides seeing family and sleeping in your own bed) has to be meeting up with high school friends and/or college friends (if you live near your college like I do.) 

Nick and I exchanged Christmas gifts and he got me
the silver infinity bracelet on the right -- love it.
My first best friend, Jasmine - we've
 been friends since we were babies :)

My high school friend, Hannah and I eating GOOD :)
It's nice catching up with people without the stressors of school work. Each time you come home, it gets more difficult to communicate with friends from high school, make plans and actually follow through with those plans. After years of being in college, the number of friends I see over break has trickled down, but I kind of like it that way.
You'll see the people you really want to see.

My high school friend Kate and I got
dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant - yum!

Christmas gift from my high school friend, Alex

Eating more Mexican food with Alex - and sweet tea!
It takes effort, but staying in touch with friends from all areas and time periods of your life is really important. My college friends have seen my growth since freshman year, and my high school friends know the high school version of me, yet have kept up with my growth over the years. I don't know who I'd be without my high school best friends and college best friends and I'm really grateful that I still have great relationships with people who have known me for so many years.

Alex and I!
Taking pictures when you meet up is also so much fun!


December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve fashion

Once you decide on some NYE plans, the next big decision is WHAT TO WEAR?! It's a daily struggle for me, but NYE is especially difficult. Your outfit should make a statement similar to "I'm excited for a new year and a new me," or something similar. 

I love this holiday because glitter/sequins/sparkles are highly encouraged (and those are my favorite). But if that's not quite your thing, an all black ensemble or a bright color always works too :)

Pinterest is a great tool for outfit ideas -- I've collected some of my favorites that would work for NYE as inspiration. Enjoy! <3


Golden Christian Louboutin Booties

J. Crew Janey Glitter Flats

Color Block Peep Toe

Gold and Black Pumps

All that glitters...

Rachel Gilbert

Posh Posh


Bold Colors...

Purple Sequin Bow Dress

Little Black Dress

For the guys...

Men's Chic

Men's Chic

Men Chic

Make Up...


Kate Spade Glitter Belt

Firecracker Earrings

Kate Spade Gemstones

Glitter Clutch
Glitter Bow Clutch

December 26, 2012

New Year's Eve events in ATL

New Year's Eve is one of the greatest global celebrations, am I right? I love watching people countdown in different time zones and smile/scream/cheer/hug/kiss in excitement and gratitude for another year.

In a city like Atlanta, of course, there are TONS of events going on. Here's what I've gathered so far. Check back for updates and leave a comment if you have more suggestions on how to bring in 2013!

New Year's Eve Events in Atlanta

Classic Events
Church Services/Celebrations
Other ways to celebrate
  • NYE at Atlanta Symphony Hall
  • Watching NYE celebrations from the warmth of your home
  • Fun activities with friends/family to countdown
  • Hosting your own NYE party
  • Working out into the New Year
  • Babysitting (earning money as you enter the New Year)
  • Doing good deeds for others to make their New Year special

Regardless of the way you choose to bring in the New Year, I hope it's a fantastic night for you! <3

{Feeling} forever young

Christmas was amazinggggg, despite the rainy weather in Atlanta. Way too much food and such happy memories were made. 

Sweet tea, yumm :)
My older brother and I

One of my favorite things about holidays and the family getting together is spending time with the kids in my family. This Christmas, I got to spend about four days with my 13 year old niece. It felt like having a little sister around the house, which was...interesting, but mainly so much fun!

She updated me on the newest trends (this is how I know I'm getting old), taught me how to Instagram (Follow me at: vettt14), taught me new games, made up silly songs and just reminded me what it's like to be a kid and have innocent fun. If you have any kids in your family, absolutely take advantage of the fact that they still know how to have the most fun and be silly just because. 

We took some fun pictures over the weekend -- keep enjoying Winter Break! <3

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I hope you spend the day with the people you love and who love you! 

My family celebrates Christmas Eve with a dinner party at our house. Then we sleep in on Christmas and have lunch/dinner at a family/friend's home. So much great food & great laughs with loved ones.

I'm grateful for Christ's birth and for a time to share with my amazing family!

December 23, 2012

Sponsor {Anjolee} the art of jewelry

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm obsessed with all things sparkly/glittery/shiny - makes me so happy! So of course, this includes jewelry. I'm really picky about my jewelry (like I am with most things), and I only wear a few items on a regular basis. Pearls are a given, but I also love to throw in some gold and diamonds with what I'm wearing. 

Sooo excited when this arrived in the mail!

If you have similar taste, you will loveeee Anjolee jewelry! I picked diamond stud earrings because I thought they'd go great with the pearls I already wear and I'm in love with them!

Bezel Set Round Diamond Stud Earrings

I've been wearing them since I got them and absolutely love them! They're so pretty, feel great and go with everything. I love how they look in my second holes with my pearl earrings and have gotten so many compliments on them already. Jewelry is the perfect gift for any holiday (Christmas, New Year, birthdays, and Valentine's Day, more!)

They have so many items to choose from -- I really love their bangle bracelets

With so many of my friends and family members getting engaged this year, I'm recommending Anjolee for engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary sets, bracelets, earrings and everything else. 
Great quality and great service!

What's your favorite item on their site?


December 22, 2012

Eating in ATL {Señor Patrón}

Last week my roommate and I finally got to try a place we've been wanting to go, Señor Patrón! We both love good Mexican food, andddd they're currently on Scoutmob. Win. 

My roommate, Jade, and her nachos!

The restaurant is relatively new, and has a fun atmosphere for both dinner and events!

Inside the restaurant

My meal - chicken enchiladas!
 They have a great food and drinks menu with the standard Mexican foods (good quality meats and cheeses) for a great price. We had great customer service and enjoyed our meal.

 If you like Mexican and a good deal, check them out ASAP! 


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