December 22, 2012

Eating in ATL {Señor Patrón}

Last week my roommate and I finally got to try a place we've been wanting to go, Señor Patrón! We both love good Mexican food, andddd they're currently on Scoutmob. Win. 

My roommate, Jade, and her nachos!

The restaurant is relatively new, and has a fun atmosphere for both dinner and events!

Inside the restaurant

My meal - chicken enchiladas!
 They have a great food and drinks menu with the standard Mexican foods (good quality meats and cheeses) for a great price. We had great customer service and enjoyed our meal.

 If you like Mexican and a good deal, check them out ASAP! 


  1. So inviting food!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, we had a Mexican place that looked JUST like this in my college town (though I went to college in Minnesota so I know it's not the same one haha)!! It was so cute inside and the food was delicious... looks like you had the same wonderful experience that I remember :)


  3. I wish you a Merry Christmas! and my g+ for you...
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  4. I love Mexican food! I had a big dinner party at one for my birthday couple years back!

  5. OH My!! Mexican food is like every third meal in our house. This sounds super! Just dropping in for a visit and to follow via GFC and Facebook:)

    Merry Christmas to all!!

  6. That looks delicious! I love Mexican food too!

  7. Does Chipotle count? LOL.

    I've never been to an authentic restaurant so to speak, but there are a few out here in Louisiana that I want to give a try.

    The restaurant looks amazing.


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