December 09, 2012

Final Exam Study Tips

After a longgggg semester, it's finally final exams week here at Georgia Tech! I think most people are anxious, nervous, stressed, but mainly excited that the school year is almost over. Here are some of my favorite studying tips for final exams -- good luck, good luck!! <3

Study with others - This only goes for people with enough social self control to be around others when there's work to be done. But, I appreciate sitting at a table with a friend while doing work - it makes me happier, it makes me feel more obligated to study and it's nice to know someone is in the same boat.

Take breaks - Taking short breaks is a great way to reward yourself for getting work done/learning information and it helps keep your brain from getting exhausted too quickly.

Eat and sleep - Seems obvious, but I sometimes put eating and sleeping on the back burner during hectic times of the year. Pack snacks for studying and build in some naps!

Calm Environment -  Good lighting, not many distractions, an open work space, no background noise - all help when learning and remembering lots of information!

Listen to music - Listening to classic music while studying doesn't really work for me, but I love listening to my favorite artists just to stay energized, interested and awake while I'm studying.

Practice tests - Before your exam, do a practice version of the exam to prepare! I sometimes make my own exam with possible questions or have a friend quiz me over the test information. All of these get your mind prepared for an exam and calm your nerves.


  1. well if i'll get to study again i'll consider your clever suggestion

  2. Agreed - I'm huge on pacing yourself! I mean, I've used a kitchen timer since elementary school days to keep myself on track and it's a pretty effective method for me! Great post :D

  3. we have our final exams in june, but good luck!:)
    I agree with you with the tips:)

  4. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep it up, you do it great! :)


  5. great tips! thank you for sharing :D

    X Jenny

  6. Your choice is always the right one

  7. Thank you so much honey! Great tips :)

  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I would love to follow you, love the tips for finals!


  9. now enjoy your holidays!!


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