December 30, 2012

hello, 2013

I've never really liked the word "resolution." It just doesn't seem aggressive enough to involve setting goals for an entire year - over 300 days! So, for a while now I've prepared for every New Year by making a list of "Must-Do's" and "Realistic Goals."

My 2013 Must-Do's

Must-Do's are exactly what they sound like. A list of tasks/goals (I'm sharing 8 of mine) that you MUST DO this year. They are absolutely possible, just take dedication and commitment. Here are mine: 

1. Graduate - I'm on track to graduate from Georgia Tech in May of 2013. Exciting, yet scary. I've been in school since Pre-K so this is a huge accomplishment and something that I must-do. I'm also aiming to graduate with some honors :)

2. Travel to Miami, New York and California - I must travel to Miami (to see my high school best friend Alex who attends UMiami). I promised I'd visit her while we're in college and time is running out! To NYC (to visit my best friend Nick who will soon be living up there and other friends & family). I'm thinking that will be my Spring Break trip. And to California (to see my newborn nephew, aww!)

3. RCSOATL - I have fallen in love with blogging! Whenever I get discouraged, I get a sweet message from a reader or a question from a high school student and the motivation and inspiration hits hard. I must continue blogging, at least until I graduate. And I'd like to post blogs on a daily basis.

4. Write a book - I've been wanting to write a book for years now. I have several almost finished projects on my computer and stirring in my head, but have yet to just finish and publish one. This is the year that it must happen. Get excited!

5. Get a job - I'm a college senior so of course people expect that your next step is working or more school! I'm planning to work for a little before earning my next degree. So getting a job to pay for it is a MUST.

6. Put on tennis shoes once a week - Notice how I worded this. Finding the motivation to workout can be a struggle for me, but once I'm doing it I'm fine! I must put on my tennis shoes (they're bright pink!) at least once a week so that I'm dressed appropriately to exercise and hopefully that will lead to physical activity.

7. Save $10 a month for ATL charities - I have a few jobs, plus advertising fees from my blog. I donate to great causes when I feel like I have enough, but I'd like to improve on this. Instead of having a separate account for donating to charity, I must set aside $10 every month to donate - I'll submit the donations in June and again in December of 2013.

8. Keep a gratitude journal - With my personality (Type A, always on the go, etc.) I can easily forget to appreciate the little things in life. I read about keeping a gratitude journal and I think it would be the perfect tool for me - something I must do. I always feel so happy when I think about how much I have to be grateful for.

Realistic Goals is my on-going list of things that I would like to accomplish. There's not as much pressure, but just inspiration to do better and be better - realistically

1. Phone calls - I'm terrible with phone calls. One thing you won't catch me doing is talking on the phone. But with friends moving far away and some of my family members being unable to communicate any other way - I've got to improve my phone calling skills and call my loved ones more.

2. Organize my closet - (in Atlanta and at my parents' house). Enough said.

3. Read 5 books for fun - I'm hoping this will get easier once I graduate - there's never really time when I'm in school to read books other than the ones I'm assigned for class.

4. RCSOATL, Inc. - Expand the brand, visit middle and high school students to discuss the importance of higher education, and partner with more community service organizations.

5. Limit my computer time - I'd like to limit my time on the computer to 3 hours/day. It's easy for digital products to take over your life!

6. Grocery shopping - I love cooking, but didn't really do much of it this year. I'd like to eat out less in 2013 and cook more with my roommate, Jade, (who's a great cook!) in 2013.

7. Explore Atlanta - Having this blog has sparked my love for ATL and I know there's so much more to see. I'm in the process of making a bucket list for places to see in ATL!

8. Save up for a car - It's time for a new car, so I want to seriously save and take the steps toward buying a new car!

Wishing you a bright, happy, and positive 2013! I'll be ringing in the New Year in my favorite city, ATL :)



  1. Such a great post. I would love to read one of your books! And it's true- you have definitely inspired me about Atlanta and college life and Ga Tech. I just applied, so hopefully I make it in!

    1. Thanks, Caroline!! Aww so sweet -- I hope you make it in too!! <3

  2. You list of must do's is remarkable :-) I'm very excited for your project of writing a book: this has been a dream of mine forever, but I've never got round to it and instead started blogging. By the way, don't quit blogging, you're awesome and it is a pleasure to stay in contact with you!
    Kisses and Happy New Year!!
    Coco et La vie en rose

    1. thank you!! and great luck with your book -- you can and should do it!!! <3

  3. Thats a great one !! Writing a book sounds exciting to me :)

  4. thanks for the comments :) HAPPY NEW YORK !!

  5. and i wish you the best of luck for that

  6. Nice post! I wish you all the best for the New Year!! :)

  7. I loved how you've categorized your goals. I was reading a blog where this girl categorized them and put them in quarters and that's exactly what I'll be doing. Good luck this year and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

    God bless!

  8. I love these! I also really want to write a book (at the very least, write every day). Good luck with your goals and happy new year!

  9. ahh new years "resolutions"
    i have yet to make mine haha
    yours looks great! :)

  10. Good luck with all our new year resolutions!
    You have a really nice blog!


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