September 30, 2013

SkyView Atlanta review

A few months ago I blogged about a new Ferris wheel attraction, SkyView Atlanta, that was coming to downtown Atlanta. I finally got to ride the Ferris wheel over the city this past weekend and it was beautiful!

If you love lights and the city at night, definitely go at night. The lines are longer at night - we waited for 45 min. to an hour - but it's so worth it. Midway through waiting in line, you also take a photo that they put a fun skyline view in the background for (and you can purchase your photo at the end of the ride).

The Ferris wheel's lighting changes colors, which made my photos look even better. 

Check out some views I had from the top :)

Two panoramic shots I took (click the images to make them larger)

It was the perfect way to end my Saturday and the best date night :)

I definitely recommend SkyView Atlanta for tourists and locals. If you love ATL like I do, you're always looking for a new view of the city.

September 27, 2013

Monogrammed boots by Marley Lilly

Marley Lilly has done it again. What's better than cute boots in the fall & winter?
Cute monogrammed boots! I'm going to do some online shopping this weekend, shoes included & these are definitely on my radar.

I'm loving all three of their current boot options and I think the monogramming only makes them cuter.

Order any of the above boots here.

Which pair do you love the most?

September 26, 2013

Eating clean for rookies {part 8}

It's been over 3 months since my first clean eating post. Now, we're on part 8 and I've lost 14 pounds since then. The weight loss is exciting, but my digestive system and overall body feeling great is even more exciting :)

I've also pretty much eliminated coffee from my diet (I used to drink several cups a day), I don't drink soft drinks, and I limit desserts to one or two times a week. I also do cardio at least four nights a week and squats and/or sit-ups every night.

It's difficult at times, but having a roommate, friends, and viewers who support my altered lifestyle make clean living a lot easier.

I'm still eating clean for at least 2 meals a day. I prep meals at the beginning or middle of the week so I have lunches or dinners ready. I start every morning with water and a fruit/veggie blend. This has also decreased how much I eat out. Of course cheat days happen when I explore ATL restaurants...but I quickly get back on track & work off those calories.

Here are some recent meals:

Breakfast: strawberries, blueberries, carrots

Dinner: spinach salad w/ mushrooms, cucumber, onions, tomatoes; the next day I had the salad inside of a 98% fat free wrap

Lunch: sautéed onions, mushrooms, spinach in olive oil

Lunch: spinach salad w/ carrots, mushrooms, and onions

Breakfast: 2 bananas, spinach, carrots, grapes

Breakfast & dessert: 2 bananas, strawberries, blueberries, carrots 
(this was so yummy!)

Strawberries and spinach - you can't really taste the spinach, 
so it's like a strawberry smoothie with lots of fiber!

Breakfast: Grapes, carrots, spinach, banana

Lunch: Mushrooms, carrots, onions, spinach, avocado

Breakfast: grapes, strawberries, blueberries (one of my favorites, so sweet!)

Breakfast: grapes, strawberries, and spinach (also really great)

A repeat breakfast - grapes & carrots are cheap and come in large bundles!

Another delicious blend: strawberries, blueberries, grapes and a banana

Besides bananas, I cut up fruit and veggies after buying and washing to quickly make fruit blends before work. Just toss in the fruit and blend! It takes about 4.5 minutes total :)

My favorite blend -- grapes, carrots, blueberries, strawberries :)

How is the clean eating going for you? 
Any tips or favorite meals you've discovered? 
Leave a comment

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September 25, 2013

260,000 views - thank you!

260,000+ views as of today, wow.

I'll keep this short, but thank you!

Blogging has become one of my favorite hobbies and I love the work & fun that goes into sharing my life, tips, food, and favorite city with my viewers.

I hope you've enjoyed the post and keep enjoying them.

Looking forward to doing another post like this at 500,000 views :)

A few posts about blogging:

Custom business cards {Minted}

They're here!! My new business cards have arrived and I'm so happy with them. I was running out of my old cards, plus I wanted to combine the business cards for my blog with the cards I use for my book. Now, I have one card with all of my information and it's great.

This is my desk at work - notice the Georgia Tech Ramblin' Wreck :) and now I have a few cards on my desk to share with anyone who wants one.

I loved the pink and blue combination with the white font. And I used a photo from the mini-photo shoot I had with a friend at work.

                                 Out with the old (on the bottom) and in with the new (on top).

I ordered 150 cards and Minted even sent this cute little card holder so they can stay clean and organized in my bag.

Ordering them online from Minted was super easy and the customization options are really fun!

Do you have business cards for your blog and/or business?

September 24, 2013

Eating in ATL {Mary Mac's}

Confession. I've been to Mary Mac's Tea Room at least 20 times. I've even celebrated some birthdays there. So I'm not sure why I'm just now blogging about it. Maybe because every time I visit, I'm so excited about eating that I completely forget about blogging... #oops

Last week, I went to Mary Mac's with my friend Elana - it was her first visit (whaaaat?!) And now, she's a big fan :)

When tourists visit Atlanta, Mary Mac's is a hot spot for anyone seeking delicious and authentic southern cooking. And most locals love it too, especially after church on Sundays.

You write down your order on this little sheet, give it to your waiter, and magically...

What you ordered appears in front of you shortly after. This time, I got turnips (one of my favorite sides), fried chicken strips, and macaroni & cheese (another favorite).

Elana got the chicken breast, sweet potato souffle, and fried okra.

The sweet tea, cinnamon rolls, and fried green tomatoes are my favorite items.

Mary Mac's is great for dates, family dinners, or events/parties - I've attended several dinner parties for college organizations at Mary Mac's and the buffet is insane.

What's your favorite southern dish?

September 23, 2013

Fall nail polish trends

If you've never been to the OPI website...why not!?

It's interactive and the perfect online toy for those of us who love our nail polishes. You can select a skin tone and nail length and "try on" any of the OPI shades. Potentially hours of fun

Check out my favorite OPI shades for fall below:





What's your favorite shade for fall? 
P.S. I still add a little glitter to my fall nails :)


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