September 20, 2013

New hat line {Oppose}

One of the main reasons I blog: to share young people who are trying to make their dreams a reality. I love the hat line, Oppose, by a friend of my friend, JT. The message behind the hats and his passion for creating and distributing them is inspiring them. 

Read more from JT below:

Oppose® is a clothing line based on biblical meaning. It comes from the passage Exodus 23:22 basically stating that if you follow God he will be an enemy to your enemies and he will oppose what you oppose. 

Oppose® has been around for less than a year and I've already had an opportunity to se my hats at a premier boutique in Atlantic Station. I'm happy to say the sold out! 

Right now I'm counting to push my designs to the world. I have the privilege to know someone in the UK has one of my hats and multiple US customers. I absolutely live what I do because its an extension of who I am as a person. Oppose® is me creatively stitched into my product. It's a wake up call to all artists who think they don't have enough or whatever there "but" case may be. Anything is possible. Nothing is impossible.

As of right now I'm selling via IG. I post pics of my hats/shirts and people inquire about them, then I get there email and we go from there. 

@jekevion on Instagram

Which one do you like the best?


  1. These seem to be better quality and have a lot more style than your average hat :D

  2. Very nice & stylish. I love all the fun prints!


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  4. I love the baseball hat trend for fall. I love all the brightly colored ones you chose.

  5. Those hats are great!


  6. obsessed with these! hope they're affordable so I can deck Casey out with them!


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