September 19, 2013

I met Michael Skolnik!

I got to meet Michael Skolnik! If you don't know, he's the Editor-In-Chief for Global Grind and he's the Political Director to Russell Simmons. I've read his work and seen him speak on CNN several times, but never in person.

Last week, I went to an event with my friend Kendall at the Carter Center in Atlanta called CNN Dialogues. It's part of a series of panel discussions on topics dealing with race, religion, and social change. I love hearing the opinions of others and hearing great discussions on important issues (that's the political nerd in me). So I loved this event!

This CNN Dialogue was titled: Modern Marchers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Social Change

I'll let you know when the next one is happening in Atlanta!

Have you been to a similar event?


  1. It is always great when you can meet someone that you think a lot of and get to ask a few questions... :)

  2. This is so exciting! I haven't been to an event like this before, but I really want to go to the Blogher conference next year!


  3. they never have events like that here

  4. That is really exciting! Sounds like a very interesting event.

  5. That is so exciting you got to meet Michael Skolnik, plus it sounds like it was a great event!


  6. I always see him on Twitter! That's awesome Vett!


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