September 16, 2013

My daily website reads

One of my goals for 2013 was to limit computer/internet time. I wrote an article about social media/the internet limiting real life experiences, so I figure I should practice what I preach. So I only stay on these sites for less than 30 minutes a day, and I limit writing blog posts and reading/commenting on other blogs to an hour a day.

 But I do have a pretty solid routine for the sites I check-in on every day or when I need a break from working.

Here are some of my favorites:

BuzzFeed - I love the countdowns/lists of random topics that I can relate to..and how they have multiple posts on hot pop culture topics. 

Thought Catalog - I love the writers and reading their personal stories intertwined with fun lists and topics.

LinkedIn - I like to check notifications, updates from the companies I'm following, and sometimes post links on LinkedIn. Read more about the benefits of having a LinkedIn profile here.

CNN - I like CNN's website format the best for reading news, seeing which news topics are trending, and getting a (somewhat) apolitical version of the news

Pandora - My go-to for music at work or while getting ready in the morning. But I have a feeling that iTunes Radio on the iOS 7 may replace this...

Pinterest, Twitter,  & Facebook - Self explanatory, am I right? Addictive.

Blogs - I read two or three blogs on a super regular basis. And I try to catch up on as many as I can and leave some comments on those throughout the week.

What sites/blogs do you check every day or when you're procrastinating?


  1. There are a lot of these which I didn't know about, must check them out,

  2. I constantly check up on Instagram and Bloglovin' :)


  3. Pandora is a fave of mine, too! You've inspired me to tune in this morning from work! :) T.

  4. I try to only do comments and blog reading on Mondays so that I have a week of work time in between. That really helps me.

  5. I've been checking bloglovin' a lot lately now that I've joined it. Also my celebrity gossip pages... guilty pleasure!

  6. I constantly check up on Facebook and Blog...

  7. I always check my facebook (when I'm bored), twitter, pinterest, blog, bloglovin, and fox news are my main ones I check!


  8. Love this. Your posts are always so creative. Hope your having a wonderful Monday.


  9. I love that you read Thought Catalog!! That is my go-to website when work is just ticking by slowly & I need to read something entertaining to pass the time.

    Besides that, I'm switching off on Pinterest, various blogs I read, and Eonline to get my celebrity scoop!

    xo, B

  10. Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin.

  11. I honestly sit on Bloglovin and catch up with so many blogs I follow all at once..I totally get how it can be an issue!


  12. I follow so many blogs and I comment regularly... if someone writes everyday, then I try to comment at least a couple of times per week...

    I am social media addicted :)

  13. I am addicted to blogging buddies updates. It's now become a network of friends, living a real life and sharing it online :-) big hugs Vett
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  14. It's so hard to limit internet time with how connected we are today. I try to do the same though!


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