October 08, 2013

24 hours without an iPhone

On Saturday night I had a little bit of a panic attack. Randomly, my iPhone locked and even after following the instructions on the screen about entering my Apple ID...it wouldn't unlock. I freaked out a little. I Googled my phone issue and even got on the phone with Apple reps for help, but nothing was working.

Three hours later, and I started to realize just how much I rely on my iPhone...just how connected I feel like I need to be to the world. Two more hours and I wonder if I've missed life-changing text messages or phone calls. I didn't have my iPhone back up and running until about 24 hours later.

Even though I'm an introvert and don't consider myself a big phone user, I still feel obligated to stay connected. Communications is my job, it's what I want to do for a career, and it's my passion. When people text me, if I'm not really busy or sleeping I text back almost immediately. While I do screen phone calls, I typically call people back within the hour. Emails get very quick responses because that little red circle with a number on my iPhone email icon drives me insane. I feel obligated to respond promptly and always be available. And I get so annoyed when others don't do the same.

But those hours without a functioning iPhone...having a valid reason for being unreachable and unconnected... were really amazing. I spent time with my family and they received my undivided attention. I brainstormed ideas for project I'm working on. And I had time to think and just relax. As a blogger, or even as a person who has grown up with technology, I feel like technology and people coexist. I had forgotten what it was like to live without a cell phone. I know this is a "first world problem," but I think it's something that many can relate to, especially bloggers because we connect with people in an additional way.

Strangely, I enjoyed my day without an iPhone so much that I plan to have more days like this. Just
 putting my right hand friend (literally my phone stays in my right hand) down and living without it.

How addicted are you to being connected? Is the connection preventing you from making real-life connections?

Well, I dare you to attempt to go 24 hours without using your phone. Whether you put it on silent and don't check it for 24 hours, or turn it completely off for 24 hours. See if you can do it. And watch how much thinking and work you get done in the meantime.

Do you think you could go a day without using your iPhone/smart phone?
If not 24 hours, how many could you go?


  1. Ahhh I might have to try and do this!! I totally agree with you - I am definitely one to respond immediately to EVERYTHING. I feel like if I didn't have my phone for 24 hours, I would definitely struggle from fomo majorly. I mean, what if that cute guy texts me?! Still... I'm definitely due a serious break and might try it this weekend!

  2. Oh geez I don't know how I could! A full 24 hours! Are you nuts LOL! But seriously I bow down to you for doing the seamlessly impossible. I could try it I suppose, it's just that social media app thingys that have me hooked. And Candy Crush. Can't forget about that one!


  3. I did a 30 day cleanse where I was not on social media nor texting... I could make a calls and I was able to respond to necessary emails. It was tough but doable... I then did a self imposed one of social media for 45 days... I was allowed to blog as it my way of getting my voice out there.

    I think it is good to shut off social media for a day here and there, it will always be there :)

  4. I have to confess I am kind of the same I know I have to take you up on your challenge and will blog about it haha. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  5. I am really interested in this. I have thought about leaving my phone home for a day when I go to work so that I can remember what it was like to be without one :)

  6. Hello from Spain: I have no IPhone. I do not want to depend on a machine. I'm glad that you regain your communication ... Keep in touch

  7. waht?! girl i would be freaking out! hang in there hope it gets resolved soon :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  8. I would probably freak out if I had to be away from my phone for 24 hours. I am trying to make a conscious decision when I am around others to put my phone down though..

  9. I couldn't do it! I know I couldn't! I got my degree in Journalism and completely understand the feeling of needing to be available at the drop of a hat. I am pretty much addicted to social media and being a blogger has not helped that. I'm not sure I could put the phone down for 24 hours, but I am trying to at least put it down in the evening so that I can give my family my undivided attention.


  10. During Hurricane Sandy, cell service was really spotty and since the electricity was out, I could only charge my phone in the car. It was actually kinda scary not having access to info via the internet when the hurricane was going on. But under regular circumstances, I think having my phone off would be a nice break. :)

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  11. I know I would get a lot done, but I'm addicted. HaHaHa I'm always checking my phone. But it's important to disconnect.

  12. I could not go 24 hours without my phone. I realized that I spend too much time on it especially when Im blogging. It would be a great idea to go a day without the phone, but hopefully I could get it done.


  13. Gush, I don't know, how many hours I can live without my smart phone... when I was younger I used to use my phone rarely, but since I got the Internet in my phone, it looks completely different and I check it all the time. But your post inspired me to have a little rehab from my smart phone. :D

  14. I actually still have a dumbphone

  15. I think I am going to try this when I go on vacation in November. Just go off the map for a few days. I had to go without my phone for about 13 hours one time because I left it at school. I freaked out for about an hour and then I was fine. But I also was sleeping for most of that time... lol.
    I want to see what it would really be like!
    Britt @ One&20

  16. We certainly do rely on our phones a lot! Even if we aren't needing it we are checking it and if it's not there something feels off. I had to leave my i phone at the apple store for about 4 hours and I felt naked. Glad you learned something from the experience!

  17. Oh my goodness! I could never turn off my phone for 24 hours! Even thought I will often forget about it and leave it on silent for most of the day.

  18. It's actually happened to me before. My smartphone (Droid) was acting funny and for almost 3 days I wasn't able to call/text/browse the Intenet...nada. I was freakin' out at first but then after a couple of hours, I calmed down and realized it'll get fixed eventually. Besides, I still had my laptop and if someone really wanted to contact me then can do so via e-mail.

  19. Thank you for your visit, and your good wishes.

  20. I was in a similar panic mode last weekend as I left my charger at home when I travelled, I realised I left my iphone charger when it was needed and I was rescued by a friend 5hrs later. I was just unhappy as I do everything on it even though I have a blackberry that also enables me to do other similar things like receiving and replying immediately to emails!!! Without my iphone im completely naked - I have my ipad, notebook but my im highly attached to my phone.


  21. I do marketing for a living and get burned out on social media....but i can't stand not having my phone.

  22. I do marketing for a living and get burned out on social media....but i can't stand not having my phone.


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