October 14, 2013

Wearing my natural hair at work

I finally did it. I stopped getting perms a little over 2 years ago and went natural. It's been quite the journey, but there are tons of women out there who've dedicated their lives to being awesome natural hair advocates and inspirations - so thankful for them.

My hair has grown about 3 inches this year and last month I finally felt like it was at a length where I'd be comfortable wearing it in a wash-and-go (just wearing it how it looks after I wash it in the shower) look for work and whatever else. I chickened out in September. But October is the month of being daring. So I did it.

Last Thursday night I washed my hair and for once I didn't straighten it. I wore my natural curls to work, and my co-workers loved it as much as I did. Great relief! Besides preventing heat damage, wearing it naturally is way easier.

 I wore it curly that night and throughout the weekend. I'm planning on keeping it curly until I go to the salon this weekend for a good conditioning treatment and trim.

How I normally wear it to work and elsewhere (straightened):

How I wore it to church on Sunday:

What do you think?

And is there a style you've always wanted to rock to work/school but been a little nervous? Share!


  1. In January it will be two years that I've been natural. I haven't straightened my hair since. It truly is freeing to wear it in it's natural state. Never turning back :)

    Your hair is gorgeous!

  2. I think both hairstyles are adorable and fit your personality! Though if it were me, I'd go with the easier 'do.

    It's funny what feels like a big deal to us on a personal level and seems like no big thing to everyone else though. Because I honestly think your hair looks great both ways. I would never have guessed it was a matter of being brave to wear it without being straightened. Then again, I think it's a HUGE deal that I show photos of myself on my blog and I know most bloggers have been doing that for ages. Ha.


  3. your natural hair looks great! I just cut my hair this weekend and went for a completely different look. hope you check out my next blog post!

  4. Your natural hair is beautiful.

    I'm happy to read this post and see that you decided to wear it out.
    It takes a lot of the maintaince to keep up natural hair and I've been
    natural for some 10+ years and I'm still learning new ways to keep
    It healthy myself along with protective styles.

    Cheers to being natural and you rocked those curls btw.

  5. I think it is good to give your hair a break away from the heat, it looks very cute natural. I was never one for straightening my hair, I have a natural wave and I like ti that way :)

  6. I have straight hair and I would love to have curly hair...
    You look fantastic in your natural hair! That was a good decision not to straighten them :)
    I like experiments with my hair. When I was younger, I had a really long hair, then shorter, then with a fringe... Today I am going to the hairdresser again. I also like wearing funny headbands.
    Take care!

  7. Your hair looks great curly!!! Glad you're embracing the the curly look!! :)

  8. Good for you Vett! It looks great. Starting the process is always the hardest, but you'll be thankful in the end.

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I think your hair looks lovely curly or straightened.

  10. you looks great. Can we follow each other? Let me know
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  11. Hello from Spain: I like your hair. Your curls are beautiful. Keep in touch

  12. You have such pretty hair, I love the curls on you!

  13. Girl, you are rocking it! Looks fabulous :)

  14. Your hair looks great!!

    Life With Kolbi
    -Kolbi Gray

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  16. I love your hair both ways! I don't think you could go wrong with either style! Beautiful! :)

    xoxo, Allie

  17. I love your curls! Congrats on all your growth! I'm definitely loving the natural more than the straight because it just has so much personality I think lol. But I honestly had the same stipulations you had, especially working in an office. But on my interview day, I had my afro out loud and proud and my boss was tremendously accepting of it, I was the first black person hired and didn't have the pressure to be "polished" I guess by straightening so I'm never gonna be nervous about that moving forward. Take me or leave me, the hair stays :)

    Again, your curls are so lovely! And your growth is huge for two years!

  18. seriously you are just a beautiful girl straight or curly. wear it either, you look fab.

  19. Amazing!!

    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!



  20. Wonderful. Beautiful


  21. You look beautiful
    I like your hair
    xx, Malena
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    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

  22. You look beautiful in this post! I love your hair!


  23. I love it, you should definitely keep it like this!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. I love the hair!! Your curls are so lovely:)
    Bjs, Ana

  25. Very pretty both ways. I'm like you, my hair is natural and I have been almost two years but I always wear my hair straight. I do think I want to be brave and try out the styles with my hair in its natural state as well! I'm just so bad with styling my own hair that its always been more convenient for me to just go to the salon than do everything myself. Super cute though!!!

  26. You look great both ways, but I adore your new 'do.

  27. You look great, I am so jealous of your curls!

    I have a straight up afro and not lovely curls. It was kind of scary for me going natural (I did so in college so there was less pressure for me since I didn't have a professional job). But I am so happy that I don't have to spend for hours each week straightening my hair nor do I feel like I have to spend loads of money getting my hair relaxed and on products to undo the damage that the heat and those chemicals cause. Over all it's a good choice but sometimes I miss having long strightish hair. :( Let me know if you need any hair product suggestions!

  28. Love it natural and it looks so cute on you. I just started my journey and have about 1/4 inch of new growth it is sooo hard but I'm excited to see what it will look like 1 year into it.

  29. You have very beautiful curly hair! :)


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