October 10, 2013

Georgia Governor's Mansion

This past Monday was one of the best Mondays ever. I spent about half of the work day helping out with an event at the Georgia Governor's Mansion. It was my first time at this historic Georgia residence and I loved it! I had so much fun at the event with the attendees and the other interns and fellows volunteering that it didn't even feel like work. I can't believe I hadn't toured the Mansion before, it's so beautiful!

Fun facts about the Mansion:
It's the official home of Georgia's 82nd Governor
It has three floors and 30 rooms
Greek Revival style
It was built in 1967
It stands on about 18 acres in northeast Atlanta

You can take a tour of the Mansion and see it for yourself! 

We got to get a photo with our sweet First Lady of Georgia!

Just thought I'd share one of the unique experiences I've had because of my job. Can't believe I'm more than halfway through my fellowship.

What's something fun you've gotten to do at work or for a class?


  1. wow, what a beautiful place <3
    I am inviting you to visit my blog and if ever you like we can follow and support each other ;)

    your new Fan n follower,

  2. very interesting :) the mansion looks huge and so classy.
    following you now on gfc,maybe you want to do the same? :)

  3. It looks amazing... so nice that you have these opportunities ;-)

  4. Hello from Spain: I envy. Historical residence. A great event. Keep in touch

  5. I got to see a house down in Charleston SC that the Governor at the time uses when they're down in the area.

  6. Wow it's so beautiful, great pics!

  7. Wow, this building is so beautiful! Lucky you to be able to visit places like this as part of your job. ;)

  8. One for the history books and pictures to share with family. Looks like you are enjoying your life and that's a blessing. Thanks for your recent comments on de blog.

  9. Fabulous opportunity! You learn so much going to places like that.

  10. Lol aside from a birthday lunch for all of our birthdays throughout the year, nothing like going on a trip to the governor's mansion. That is so cool! The mansion is beautiful. I had no idea that governor's get to move into a house just like presidents do. Awesome :)

  11. That is so cool! What a beautiful home. I want to live there. : )

  12. That is a beautiful home and I love your outfit! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Nice post!
    I wish you a lot of great Mondays :))
    Kisses :*


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