October 21, 2013

My ideal study/work space

I'm strategically simple. And that philosophy applies to my work environment too. In high school, college, and now, I have to get in the right mindset and right environment to be productive.

Here's what I keep nearby when I'm #grinding.

Water & Green tea - my study/work drinks of choice. In college, I was a coffee addict. But since making the clean eating switch, I've dramatically decreased my coffee intake.
Writing utensils - I love bright pens and highlighters for my agenda, to-do lists, and anything else.
Post-Its - I'm always thinking and therefore always having to write down thoughts/ideas/reminders. I keep post-its with me at all times.
MacBook - my favorite electronic working tool. I do use my iPad for meetings and reading, but I do most of my writing and working on the "book."
Agenda - like I've mentioned in a few posts, I love paper agendas because they literally help me function. I write down to-do's for each day, upcoming events, and special occasions. I'm currently using a Jonathan Adler agenda.
iPhone - I keep my phone nearby if I'm working because I may have to make phone calls or send texts. However, when studying, I usually put it on silent and will only check it hourly.
Earbuds - for music listening of course. My favorite work music? Lana del Rey.
Phone charger - self-explanatory.
Peppermint - little known fact...peppermint and peppermint oil have tons of health benefits. I keep some around because they're great for digestion and memory.
Motivation - I always try to have some symbol of motivation around when I'm working. Sometimes it's as simple as a business card, to remind me of what I'm working toward. Sometimes it's a photo or motivational quotation. Having motivation in eye sight is extremely helpful.

I think my study/work space necessities are pretty simple, yet strategic. Once I figured out what I need around me to get work done, I've become way, way more productive.

-Franz Kafka

What do you like to surround yourself with while you're doing work or studying?


  1. Mine is really similar - I don't like to have too much clutter, but I like to be a in a comfortable spot that is near things that inspire me - I have my inspiration board right next to my desk!

  2. Sounds like a perfect work space to me. You're giving me some ideas too while I'm re-doing my home office!

  3. great! I keep my agenda and peppermints with me too :)

  4. I like these types of posts, Vett! You should do one on your agenda and how you use it :)

    I pretty much keep the same things around me when working. With the addition of sticky tabs, of course :)


  5. LOVE this. Sounds like a perfect workplace. As long as I have coffee and an autumn candle I'm good. Hey are you on Instagram?

  6. This is the perfect work/study space. Mines is coming along quite well and actually I thank you for one of your on the agenda. Something's are best doing it the "old school" way with writing stuff done instead of relying on my phone or ipad.

    1. I totally agree, I love physically writing & crossing things off my to-do list!

  7. I always need post its near by on my desk, they are perfect for leaving quick little notes for myself.

  8. Hello from Spain: nice desktop proposal. Keep in touch

  9. that is a perfect workspace! lana del rey is my jam lately- the remixes though. Cedric Gervais is a genius with his mixes!

  10. well equipped workplace.

  11. sounds like all your essentials are there! I've found that having fresh flowers on my desk helps but buying those ever so often can get pricey, so even the illusion of them with nice stones may help! Gotta have music playing. My vision board is on the wall in front of my desk. On my desk is pretty much the same...plus a few magazines, since that's the project I'm working on most of the time there (working on a magazine). Great post!

    Chymere Anais

  12. Interesting space you have :) Have a great day!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  13. I really just need water, my phone, planner, and laptop. I love this post!


  14. Hi vett,stopping over from www.chavivas.blogspot.com,really appreciate your comment. I thought I was the only one who loved to have a lot of stuffs around while working. reading this I found out I wasn't alone. lol. Great post. will follow you on twittere

  15. What kind of laptop and ipad do you have?


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