March 10, 2013

The benefits of water

Since I gave up drinking sweet tea for lent (ugh!), I've consequently been drinking way more water. I can't really complain though because the benefits of water (like my skin clearing up and getting more energy) have outweighed my intense cravings for sweet tea.

I keep a bottle of water with me at all times and re-fill it throughout the day. Although I don't always drink the recommended 6-8 glasses per day, I do come close. I've also gotten in the habit of ordering water as my only drink when I go out to eat -- makes the bill much cheaper :)

Pass on these benefits with your friends!

How good are you about drinking water?



  1. I do my best lol.. A lot of times I have to admit to adding this tiny bit of Ribena to it, just for a touch of flavour, but it's so little that it's almost negligible. For me, it helps to use a water bottle with measurement markings on it -- 2L is rather a lot lol -- especially since we live in such a hot, humid environment.

    1. that's pretty good and adding flavor is better than not drinking it at all!

  2. I am so hot and cold with this...either I drink a ton of water or I drink hardly any! Carrying a water bottle everywhere definitely helps, but it's also heavy, so I try to leave a few bottles in my car so that I never get to that "Omg I'm dying" sort of situation.

    Caffiene/sweet drinks are my biggest downfall as well--but definitely easier to avoid when I'm properly hydrated!

    1. that's how I usually am too -- and I'm also a caffeine addict!!

  3. well i drink a lot of water everyday,
    actually i could allow myself to get hungry but never can i to get thirsty
    nice information by the way

  4. I don't drink water at all :( After reading your post, I've decided to take it seriously and drink more water, thank you for this! :)

  5. I LOVE WATER! I try to drink water as much as I can!!

    Come by soon!

  6. I'm not good enough! I keep tellina myself that I should drink more water but during the cold season I find it hard! Good for you gorgeous! Kisses and hugs! Coco

  7. I wish I liked water , but I really don't great advice though! Xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x

  8. I absolutely love drinking water! Whenever I'm out I order water with lemon without even thinking. The feeling that overwhelms me is one that can't be described but needless to say I don't complain. Like you said there are so many benefits to drinking water. I always try to convince my co-worker to give up her Coke Zero for a glass of water,but unfortunately I've been unsuccessful. Maybe one day I will be successful. :)

    p.s.- Good luck with your 25 day challenge.


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