March 01, 2013

Eating in ATL {cafe sunflower}

OK y'all, I told you how I ate at a vegetarian restaurant for the first time during February and I wasn't lying! I went to eat with some friends from one of my organizations and two of them are vegetarians so they suggested Cafe Sunflower in Buckhead. I was super skeptical because I eat meat on a pretty regular basis - no offense to all of the vegetarians out there, it's just what I was raised to eat.

However, I was willing to try something new and my friends said this place was great. IT. WAS. Cafe Sunflower is an award-winning restaurant, and now I know why! I'm still not exactly  sure what all I was eating, but I was so impressed that everything on my plate was vegetarian cuisine. 

I ordered a lasagna made from eggplant and other veggies and it was really really good.

My point is, I recommend this restaurant for committed vegetarians and those who also sometimes get their protein from other sources. I'm excited to go back and try something else! 

*FYI: They are closed on Sundays*

 The decorations are so eclectic and modern - I want them for my room!

Enjoy <3!

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  1. Yup, vegetarian food can be really tasty, and it's pretty good for you too :) Your lasagna looks awesome!

  2. love your smile and your glasses!!

  3. I joined a meetup group and did my first html and css workshop and I loved it.

    I never tried that but instead of using facial cleanser I've been just cleaning my face with water and doing an ice facial and my skin has started to clear up.


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