January 27, 2013

Eating in ATL {Fellini's Pizza}

I've already eaten at this place three times in 2013. Fellini's Pizza is that good. And that clutch. 

When I say clutch, I mean it's the perfect meal at the most imperfect times. When it's late and I'm hungry...Fellini's. When I want to grab food with a friend and don't have much time...Fellini's. When I want real pizza with fresh toppings...Fellini's!

There are multiple locations in Atlanta (open to either midnight or 2am), so I think people sometimes underrate this amazing food! It deserves to be located all over Atlanta because it's delicious!!

My pizza from the other night - always
with a side of ranch dressing!
I love their white pizza and topping it with pineapples, spinach, banana peppers, pepperoni or meatballs - yum.


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