January 09, 2013

Why {Caroline} loves ATL


Caroline at the Georgia Dome
My favorite spot in Atlanta is the Georgia Dome. Some of the most defining moments of my life were in that stadium. I grew up attending Falcons games with my parents, and I go to the Passion Conference in the dome every year. This past October I got to dance at half-time during a Falcons game with the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders (hence the pom poms)!

Why do you love ATL:

I love Atlanta because it is a city with a little bit of everything. In the heart of Atlanta there is a thriving metropolis mixed with old-time southern tradition and history. We have modern technology, business, and innovative movements in the entertainment industry. The Hartsfield-Jackson airport makes Atlanta a huge international business hub. 

On the other hand, you'll find old southern charm in our history with the civil war, Coca-cola, the civil rights movement, the Varsity, Turner Field, the Appalachian Mountains, and beautiful plantations and farms right outside the city.


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  1. your city is lucky to have loyal people like you
    by the way caroline was cute

  2. What a fun series you have! Such a creative way to share your beloved city. I've always wanted to visit! xx


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