January 02, 2013

Don't give up in 2013

It's the 2nd day of the year. Which means you may or may not have already forgotten about your 2013 goals/must do-s/resolutions, right? It's okay. Start over and make it happen. Trying to change old habits or develop new ones is always difficult at first, but it's mostly mental. If you believe you can be different, you'll be able to take the steps toward change.

I love motivational/inspirational quotations because they remind me that success is possible.

One of my goals was to expand RCSOATL by getting more involved in the community and with positve initiatives - especially those started by young people. I've already received several emails this year from college students with great projects/initiatives/companies who will be featured in upcoming posts. And I'm definitely interested in hearing from more.

If you are or you know a college student doing something great, impact the success of the project by allowing RCSOATL spread the word.

Still in denial that school starts back on Monday, eek!



  1. Happy new year gorgeous! Never give up, that's a great advice!


  2. Hi! Dropping by to greet you happy new year and thanking you for visiting. I love quotes too like you. See you around:)

  3. so pretty!
    happy new year! best wishes!
    kisses :* :)

  4. Great post & great blog. I read your 'Must DO' list and I love that you want to write a book! I always wanted,and I actually started to write a couple of times,but I always don't have enough time do continue writing.:(

    Following you via GFC&Bloglovin,hope you can check out my blog
    Happy New Year,


  5. Happy new year, all the best!!Visit http://www.urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx and check my new post!!

  6. Great post, such a great inspiration message :)

    Happy New Year!!



  7. failure is never meant to discourage you in the contrary it was intended to remind you that you can do better


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