January 21, 2013

Happy MLK Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And, Happy Presidential Inauguration Recognition Day - such a great day in American history! MLK Day is a day off, but should serve as a reminder of a day to give back to the community. MLK was a phenomenal leader and I'm so happy we honor him on this day.
Martin Luther King III
Georgia Tech had Martin Luther King III (MLK Jr.'s son) come and speak at our school last week and he was phenomenal. His message was inspiring and he reminded the audience that we are still working toward MLK Jr.'s dream!

I hope you enjoy this day and spend part of it making the world a little bit better. I have some exciting news to share later this week! <3


  1. What an amazing picture of you two!!
    Happy MLK day to you. Very inspiring quote.

  2. happy MLK to you too,
    and i love that quote he said

  3. Love the post...and I enjoy reading your blog posts. I just started posting more regularly myself. Enjoy your MLK day!


  4. That's so exciting that he came and spoke at your school!!

  5. That's awesome that he spoke at your school!! Happy MLK Day!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!


  6. Wow!! That's amazing that you got to hear him speak and meet him as well. MLK was an amazing man, I agree we should all work towards the dream :)

    great post :)

  7. He was definitely an amazing man! I love the picture of you an his son.

  8. So cool! That's awesome :)I too love the pic. :) can't wait to hear more exciting news this week!

  9. That's awesome you got to meet Martin Luther King III, what a cool experience!

    go for the glam

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