January 20, 2013

Good luck, Atlanta Falcons!

The city is booming with hopeful Atlanta Falcons football fans and we're all so excited for today's game against the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC title! I'm a life long Falcons fan so this game is super exciting for me because it's been such a long road to this point!

I've gotten to go to a few games this season and they've been great :)

At the first game of the season!

 I'm so proud of my favorite team for getting this far and for having the best regular season in franchise history. So many franchise records were broken this season and the fans couldn't be happier.

Good luck, Dirty Birds!! Rise Up!


  1. I cannot waaait for the game!

  2. well best of luck to them
    they were lucky to have fans like you

  3. I am so excited! My whole family will be watching with plenty of football snacks. Falcons Rise Up!

    1. how fun! so sad they lost, but what a great season!!

  4. How cool! You look super cute in this picture too, love the dress!


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