January 04, 2013

Forever I love {deux lux bags}

I stumbled upon this site - Deux Lux - and I love just about everything on their site! I spent almost an hour browsing through their bags and accessories. If you like color, classic looks, sparkles and unique products, you'll soon be obsessed too. I'm sharing my 3 favorites, but definitely browse and let me know which product you like best!

Felix Weekender - I LOVE this bag! I'm hoping I get it for my birthday (Jan. 14) *hint hint* or I'll end up purchasing it really soon! The leather and sparkles combo is the best. It's perfect for the minimum of three trips I'll be taking this year :)

Skipper Beach Duffel - Some are lucky enough to travel to the beach year round (I wish!) And this bag is perfect. They have so many cute duffels to choose from, but I really liked these colors.

Heidi Girl Zip Wallet - I'm pretty picky about the wallets I use, and I love how deux lux has so many different wallets to choose from!



  1. Love these bags! I need a new duffle to take on my honeymoon because I don't want to check anything and I have nothing small enough to be a carry on. Thanks for the link!


  2. That weekend bag is eveeeeeeerything!!
    I hope you get it for your bday!
    Your a January baby - so is my brother :D

    1. awww nice! yes i hope i get it too -- it's the best!!

  3. lovely bags i would look prefect on your outfits

  4. Thanks for your comment. In love with the Felix Weekender!

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