January 07, 2013

Last first day of college & one week mark!

Cake from my job when I was accepted into
Georgia Tech my senior year of high school!
Sorry for being nostalgic, but today is my LAST first day of college/school! It's sooooo unreal. I'm sure most people can relate to how quickly the time goes by. I'll probably take a cheesy picture today and Instagram it then send it to my parents :)

Heading to campus for my last first day!

It feels like I just graduated from high school, and my college graduation is right around the corner!

Locker strip in high school my senior year


On another note, we're officially one week into 2013: How are those "Must-Do's" coming? 
Here's an update on mine:

  • The book is 80% complete, very exciting!
  • I've made 15 phone calls already this year, more than I made all of last year...seriously.
  • Still on track for graduation
  • I've blogged every day this year so far
  • I've put on tennis shoes and done a little work out twice - woo!
  • Starting to plan out the trips to NYC, Miami and California

AND, my birthday is in one week exactly, EEK! :)


  1. Glad you are doing so well :)

  2. yeah ive notice that youre more active now

  3. hope you had a great day!
    you got a really nice blogWould love to follow each other!
    Just follow and leave a comment
    I alway's follow back!!!
    xx chloechante.blogspot.com

  4. you look stunning sweets, wishing you the best in 2013.
    would you mind following each other? let me knw.

  5. Great blog! I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]
    xxx from Spain
    ♥ mydope.net ♥

  6. This is so cute! Way better attitude than me! LOL.

  7. Oh my gosh, have a wonderful last first day of college! I'm super sentimental about things like that too haha!

  8. No need to be sorry.... be nostalgic! Soak it all in and enjoy it to the fullest lady ;)

    Nike O.

  9. Congrats! The last first day is now behind you! ;-)


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