January 03, 2013

The perks of being a student {discounts}

With just a few days left of Winter Break, I can no longer pretend that I'll get to stay home and watch Bravo TV forever...sad. But a new semester is always exciting --  clean slate, new grades, new professors, new schedule, and other "newness." I'm sharing one of the perks of being a college student -- receiving a student discount

Nothing makes me happier than getting my total decreased when I'm at the register somewhere just by flashing my BuzzCard (that's what we call student ID's at Georgia Tech). Start saving if you haven't been! 

**Remember that every individual location has the right to acknowledge the student discount or not, so ask before they ring you up!**


  1. I'm not even gonna lie, when I wasn't a student anymore, the devastation of not getting the discount at my fave clothing store was too much... haha. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

  2. Great post, I love student discount cards! Sometimes I can still get away with them as I still have my university ID!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. well best of luck this coming school days

  4. wow! i had no idea that you could get discounts at some of these places!!

  5. That's awesome!! I love getting discounts on things, makes me feel like a Coupon Queen hahaha.
    By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster Award in my latest post because I love your blog. :)


  6. i miss those student discount days. take advantage of them.

  7. Student discounts are the bomb! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I made some of those scrubs and man, were they awesome! :)



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