February 28, 2013

Results of FebNEWruary

At the beginning of the month I did a post about how I'd try new things in February and how it would be the month of "newness" (FebNEWruary) - and it has been!

Here are some new/different things I've done this month!

I love Black History Month! I've taken some time to learn more
about my history -- I'm taking a great
course on African American history at Tech
that's already taught me so much!
Usually, I wear flats or boots (cowgirl boots), but I've been
adventurous this month rocking some HIGH heels!
Cooking breakfast for myself is a change (and one of my realistic goals for 2013) -
 typically it's just coffee or I'll get brunch from a restaurant.
Took MARTA to and from the airport instead of
having a friend drive me - more eco-friendly!
Tried spinach penne instead of the regular at FIGO pasta!

Studying with friends at the library instead of at my apartment.
I made more of an effort to attend a Tech men's basketball
game -- and it was a great one!
Drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee instead of my
 usual Starbucks Blonde Roast.
Wearing different necklaces.
Green tea latte instead of my usual
White Chocolate Mocha/Blonde Roast. 
My boss dropped this off at my desk - it's the popcorn
version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So interesting!
Eating at a vegetarian restaurant for the
 first time, *more details to come*
Studying outside on campus - so pretty!
Taking daytime photos of the skyline instead
of just nighttime ones - both are so great!
I went to NEW York :)
Did you do anything new or different this month? It's almost March and almost the weekend!! <3


  1. Love all of the photos, you did try a lot of new stuff!!

  2. Great post - it's always great to change things up and try new things. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. it was great trying new stuffs
    and what you did were awesome

  4. oh please stop posting all those yummy meals! they look delicious :)

    XO Meghan

  5. you've done well! it's important to try new things. it helps you grow!

  6. MM that pasta looks delicious!! Hope you had a lovely time in New York :) I'm a new follower and love your blog! x

  7. it's always great to try new things - do you think they will become new habits, or was once enough?
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. agreed -- hopefully some of them will become habits!!


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