February 09, 2013

Events in ATL {orchid daze}

Spring is slowly, but surely making its way to Atlanta! 

I'm a little over the cold weather/bi-polar weather. Atlanta Botanical Gardens is celebrating the upcoming season change with their new event series "Orchid Daze," following their phenomenal Winter series event "Garden Lights Holiday Nights."

I'll include ABG's description of the event below, but you basically have the opportunity to walk around their gardens while they're covered with beautiful orchids. They're promising a beautiful and unique set up full of colorful and jubilant flower arrangements.

If you love flowers, things that smell good, or any type of nature; you will love this!

Orchid Daze starts February 9 (TODAY) and runs through April 14

More details:

The Fuqua Conservatory lobby transforms into a conflagration of colors set ablaze with flaming reds, oranges, and yellows. Mirrored walls unexpectedly distort both orchids and viewers, visually melting the two into bizarre hybrid forms. Reflections magnify, stretch, fragment, and ripple space as visitors literally become part of the artistic composition. “Orchids are such intriguingly odd flowers we want to celebrate their whimsical and playful personalities,” said Mary Pat Matheson, the Garden’s executive director. An orchid “rain” in pink and white descends from the atrium ceiling, filling the air with the topsy-turvy blossoms of Dendrobium and pastel Cymbidium reaching skyward.


  1. well blooming flowers is just so lovely to witness
    and the smell of it was just so soothing

  2. Wow, these flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I can not wait for Spring!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I absolutely love orchids, they're my favorite flower. They're so pretty & vibrant with all the colors they come in. I hope your having a great weekend!


  4. Those orchids are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my blog; it led me to yours!

  5. The orchids are so pretty! Seems like a great event! It's a shame i live nowhere near where the event is taking place!

    Sita xx


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