February 21, 2013

DUI Attorney {The Kavinoky Law Firm}

  As a new  college student you will get to meet new people, make friends, take classes that interest you, and also grow as an individual outside of the influence of mom and dad. However, this freedom comes with new responsibilities.

  Underage drinking is a well-known problem for many college students. But when underage drinking is coupled with driving under the influence, the consequences can be severe for all involved. Under the influence of alcohol, your motor coordination, vision, and overall driving ability are all impaired. It is important to understand it is NEVER worth the risk to drink and drive.

  If you do make the mistake of driving under the influence and are arrested for a first DUI offense, it is important to seek the counsel of a professional DUI attorney.

  In the state of California, a DUI first offense will result in two different actions:
1)      The District Attorney or city prosecutor’s office will bring a criminal case to the offender
2)      The DMV will take a separate action and suspend the offender’s driving license

   Although both of these actions come as a direct result from a DUI arrest, the outcome of one has no bearing on the outcome of the other. In other words, it is possible to be found not guilty by the criminal court but guilty by the DMV.

  If you are faced with a DUI investigation, it is in your best interest to find professional legal counsel. A good DUI attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of California DUI law and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

If you are facing charges for a California DUI first offense, contact the lawyers at The Kavinoky Law Firm.


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