February 17, 2013

Eating in ATL {taqueria del sol}

I've done a lot of "Eating in ATL" posts recently -- sorry I'm not sorry, hehe. ATL has so many cool and delicious restaurants and I'm trying to explore as many as possible.

With my birthday card & Starbucks gift card
from Hannah :)

I tried out Taqueria del Sol for the first time last week when I met up with my high school friend, Hannah, for a late birthday dinner :) It's one of Hannah's favorite spots because of their quick & friendly service, fresh tasting tacos, and fun atmosphere.

Our tacos - we ate them all!
I will warn you that this restaurant has peak hours when they're extremely busy and they also have unique hours for when they're open.

Hannah with the queso we ordered!
I got a mix of chicken and fish tacos & I loved the sauces they added to them.

 It's a great place for quick meals and a twist to classic Mexican dishes.


  1. that was indeed a scrumptious set of dishes

  2. omg, thanks for following :)) you're my first follower outside of germany!! proud? ;)

    following back :)

  3. Wow your blog and your work is very beautiful, congratulations and kisses from Spain. follow me and I will follow back?


  4. Mmmmm this looks DELICIOUS! Now I'm craving chicken or fish tacos lol

  5. This Mexican food looks so delicious, I want to eat it now!

    <3 Cambria

  6. that looks delicious!

  7. I can't believe this was your first time at Taqueria! That fish taco is delicious.

    1. I know, I'm super late. yeah, it might be my new favorite taco!


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