February 15, 2013

Avoiding the February flu

It seems like just about everyone is getting sick, has been sick recently, or is currently hacking up their lungs during class. I'm pretty germ conscious so hearing all of the bodily noises that come along with people having a cold/the flu realllly grosses me out. And I absolutely hate being sick. It slows my life down to an almost complete halt and I'm basically useless for days while fighting the sickness.

For the past few days I've been feeling like germs are trying to attack me, but I'm fighting back. Read below to see how you can prevent catching a cold/the flu this month.

1. Get rest - I took the day off work one day this week just to get more rest and give my body a break. It's hard for your body to fight off an oncoming illness when you're constantly on the go!

2. Drink water - It sounds so simple and obvious, but really make it a point to drink more water than usual when you feel a sickness coming on - and don't drink after others!

3. Drink tea & other fluids - Staying hydrated is key. And make sure you're drinking healthy liquids like teas, natural juices or protein drinks.

4. Take vitamins - I've been doubling up on my Flinstone vitamins this week! The more Vitamin C, the better!

5. Keep your hands clean - Hand sanitizer is great, and it's something I keep in my backpack and car. But nothing beats washing your hands with hot water and soap as often as possible. You wouldn't believe how much we use our hands and then put our hands near our mouths...yeah. So keep them clean!


  1. I'm reaaally hoping to get by the rest of winter without getting a cold - come on, immune system! haha!
    great tips!

  2. Ugh that's what I need! I can't shake being sick, it's just that time of year. Hope you stay healthy!

    <3 Cambria

  3. well nice tips it would indeed makes this february flu free


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