February 01, 2013

Thank you notes

I can't believe my birthday month is over -- it's been fantastic!! And, I got lots of awesome gifts. Also, I got a car :) another item complete from my 2013 "Must-do's & Goals"

Throughout the month I received some really thoughtful gifts from friends, coworkers and family members. I'm kind of old-fashioned so I still like to write people thank you notes

I also like to write my own personal messages for those thank you notes. This year I used blank cards with a black & white paisley design, metallic silver sharpies and a black ink pen

How do you say thank you?

PS, I'm flying out to NYC today -- eek!!


  1. I definitely need to get into a better habit of giving thank you notes. I've only done it once before, but now that I'm turning 18 I should probably be more adult about it.

  2. well nowadays it's quite rare to receive this kind of gift because people intend to greet you online
    anyways you deserve it

  3. I never write thank you notes but they are so thougfull and nice.

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  5. Even your thank you notes are super chic! Enjoy your stay in NYC!!love Coco


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