February 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary! {mom & dad}

It's my parents' 23rd wedding anniversary, congrats to them! Their love and commitment to one another is such an inspiration and blessing in my life. I have incredible parents who have sacrificed so much for me and have been beautiful role models for me and for my best friends who have become like their children. I'm sending them the happiest wishes on their special day!

I've collected some of my favorite Pins from Pinterest that are wedding anniversary related (since so many people seem to be getting married recently!) These are also fun to look at for the upcoming Valentine's Day! Enjoy your week <3

Wedding anniversary necklace
Wedding anniversary memories print
Personalized wine glasses
Wedding anniversary scrap book
Wedding cake that sparkles!


  1. How precious! Congrats to your parents! Such a sweet post. :)
    CoverGirl + Converse

  2. So lovely..happy anniversary to them!
    It's my parent's 27th this week! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  4. ah so sweet! happi anni mom and dad!

  5. Aww so cute happy anniversary to your mom and dad :)!! Visit http://www.urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx and check my new post!!

  6. happy anniversary to your parents
    may they have more blissful years together

  7. Happy anniversary to your parents, what a great example to follow. True love!

    XO, Adropofbliss.com

  8. Happy Anniversary to them! It's so nice to hear about people who stick together. I'm happy for them.

  9. 23 years? That's just amazing!

    I hope they had a wonderful celebration and may God continue to bless their union.


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