February 26, 2013

Fashion picks for guys {j.crew}

I've told you how I occasionally get email requests for specific posts (which is great!), but this one was a surprise. I had a viewer request that I share some of my favorite preppy male fashion picks - so here they are! One of my favorite stores for guys (and for me!) is J. Crew - they really can do no wrong.

All of these looks can be found at the Mr. Porter website, under the J.Crew section!

I've mixed and matched some of my favorite guys shirts, sweaters, a blazer, trousers, and shoes! 

Which one is your favorite? <3


  1. I would never wanna be a boy, BUT the third outfit is lovely, just like your blog. :-)
    I'm a follower now!


  2. Can't go wrong with J. Crew! A dude could walk out of there with anything and look better! ;-)

  3. i like the first and third
    good choices dear

  4. I love the first one!!!!
    Wow, you get email requests for posts--impressive!!:)

  5. your choices are so cute! it's difficult playing with men clothes... they are boring!

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  6. Boat shoes >>>

    But seriously, J.Crew never fails. Ever.

    Love the picks and your blog! Definitely coming back soon! :)

  7. The first and third outfits are very cool! The things I get for my husband from J.Crew are distinctly less snappy and colourful lol


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