March 07, 2013

Eating in ATL {Yeah! Burger}

I can't believe I haven't already blogged about Yeah! Burger, because I literally eat there at least once a month. It's convenient, they have a fun menu that allows for mixing and matching, and it's relatively healthy :)

Yeah! Burger prides itself on using "Keeping it Real Food" (natural and organic foods, cooked to-order).

I've tried just about everything on their menu, but my favorite items are their turkey burgers with (cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, Yeah! sauce, BBQ sauce, etc.) and their sweet potato fries (YUM!)

Sweet potato fries!!!
Shayla's meal, delicious! 
I ate at Yeah! Burger last week with my best friend Shayla because we were both craving it (don't you love when you have the same food cravings as your friends). Next time you're in need of a burger, hot dog, salad, milk shake, fries,  and more, give Yeah! Burger a try.

My turkey burger, with goat cheese!

Enjoy! <3

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  1. Oh my gosh, I've been vegan for 4 days now so this post literally killed me! Guess what I'll be eating when this week of veganism is over? ;)

  2. I Love love love Yeah Burger - when I first went there, I fell in love with just the look of the place. and the food, omg, even better - I had the burger with a poach egg on top!! my mouth is watering as I

  3. Now I'm hungry!!!! LOL
    I think next time I visit the states I'm definitely going to try this place. thanks!

  4. omgosh--this food looks sooooo good---especially the one with goat cheese---thanks for stopping by my blog the other day---fellow poetry lover :)

  5. Really?! They use good ingredients and some organic?! That is a rarity and it looks super good too!

  6. This looks delicious! xx

  7. and that just made me hungry!
    it seems really a huge servings


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