March 06, 2013

Cosmetic bags {Marley Lilly}

My backpack and my make up bag have been struggling recently. They've both just gotten so cluttered and unorganized that it slows me down in the morning when I'm getting ready and during the school day when I'm searching for things.

And then I discovered Marley Lilly -- creator of all things personalized and monogrammed, yes please! Once I started browsing their website, I couldn't stop. I want everything, but seriously needed some cosmetic bags

Vett K. Vandiver - VVK when monogrammed! :)
I chose the Circle Block font!
I loved how the hot pink looked on
the blue seersucker - classic!

Messy front pouch of my backpack - ugh!
All organized with my new Marley Lilly bag!

Organizing all of my cosmetics, post-its,
 daily necessities from my back pack!

Old bag- too small to fit everything!   
New Marley Lilly bag!

MUCH more room for all of my things so
I can actually see what I have!

I'm picky about everything, but especially  picky about items I'll use every day. And these are two products that I can't wait to show off and recommend to my friends and family. Since they're personalized, these cosmetic bags are perfect birthday, wedding, anniversary, and random gifts for friends.

The cutest packaging!

Be sure to check out their other adorable products too & keep up with them on Twitter, they've done some giveaways recently -- too great :)

<3 Enjoy!


  1. Those are the cutest things ever! Ill have to look into them!

  2. O, how cute! The hot pink was a good choice :)

  3. Cute! I love the stripe!

  4. Oh my, they're so cute! I need a nice makeup bag so I'm just looking back and forth, but I would love a monogrammed, personalized bag :) x

  5. well good thing i, or mostly men dont have a lot of stuffs like you girls our bag pack were always just so right haha


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