March 25, 2013

Google's College Tips

I'm pretty picky about whose advice I take, especially when it comes to things like college. One reason I started this blog and wrote my book was to help prospective and current college students by sharing things I've learned while in school.

Google has a really phenomenal resource for prospective students, current students, and college seniors! They also allow you to submit tips and potentially have those tips show up on their site - very cool. I'll be submitting a few tips, but I've also been browsing through other tips!

I recommend Google's College Tips to all students - click through and see for yourself :)


  1. Thank you so much I really aprecciated :)!!Pastel colors on my blog!

  2. that makes a lot of sense! thank for sharing

  3. This is awesome! I never heard of this before.

  4. Aww..making me miss my college days :(
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog btw ffing bk :) x

  5. I too wish I was still in college :) They have so many more resources than when I was looking at schools :)

  6. My cousin should have read these tips. She had no direction in college. She went to the college that gave her a basketball scholarship but they did nothing to help her pick a career path. She just took classes and just got her bachelors degree in whatever she could. This is definitely a good resource for college students :)

  7. Another reason to LOVE Google!


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