March 16, 2013

Flying out to Cali

I'm all packed and headed to the airport in a little bit for my trip to California! :) 

For this week I'll be linking to some of my older & favorite posts! Check them out: 

We're finally on Spring Break and I couldn't be more excited for this week away!  Keep up via Twitter or Instagram!

Let me know which post is your favorite!

 :) Have a great weekend! <3


  1. have a great trip)))

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. have a great and safe departure
    god bless your trip

  3. I am excited to read some of your great posts ! :)

    have a great trip, dear

  4. I'm sorry that some of the locals in france were rude. I'm french and when I lived there oh boy. It's one of those things I tell people when they travel to France is learn the language as much as you can because some French people act stuck up and stubborn that even if they know the language they want you to try to speak french. Just like anywhere you go you have to be careful. That area can be sketchy at times. OMg if I would have met at time I would had glady being your tour guide lol

    But on the other side, Have a safe and fun trip in LA

  5. lovely older posts :)


  6. Safe trip!

  7. Great post :*
    I follow U and it's you turn ♥

  8. Have a safe trip! and cute blog btw.

  9. Have a wonderful spring break and have fun with your fam in LA! Woohoo!

    The Cardinal Planner

  10. I am in love with your blog! You got yourself a new follower! :)


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