March 20, 2013

Packing for California {carry-on}

California is A M A Z I N G! The weather, the people, the food, the sights, the shopping - it's all great! I'm here for a few more days, and I'll have a full report on Monday. But for now, I wanted to share how I packed for the trip.

Malibu Beach, California

I really don't like to check a bag unless I absolutely have to -- like when I went to Spain -- so I planned and packed for a week's stay in California. So far, my packing has proved successful!

7 days in California -- clothes and shoes packing:

Shoes for California are pretty easy to pack. Sandals and flats are always a great idea. If you plan to do athletic/outdoors activities, definitely pack tennis shoes. If you want to wear bulky shoes (like boots), wear them on the plane/trip to save up room in your bag!

Athletic Shorts and t-shirts: Great for outdoors, workouts, or sleeping.
Swim wear: If you're visiting Cali, you'll probably go swimming in a pool or ocean!
Underwear: Remember to pack an extra pair!
Tank tops: Perfect for the super hot mid-day weather.
Thin long sleeves: It gets windy and chilly at night and you'll want breathable long sleeves or a light jacket.
Short sleeves: Most people in California wear short sleeves under a long sleeve jacket/shirt.
Jeans: One pair is enough! It's always safe to have a pair of jeans with you because they work with all types of weather.
Shorts: Great for going to the beach or for outdoor/indoor tourist activities.
Leggings: Great to wear under tunic tops or layered under shorts for windy weather.
Casual dresses: You'll want to bring at least one dress - be prepared for windy weather though!
Cover ups: Thin jackets or beach cover ups are great to travel with.
Small Purse: I've appreciated having my smaller purse for going out and while shopping instead of my normal large purse.
Jewelry & Accessories: California is stylish so bring some fun accessories.

*Also, the shopping in California is incredible, so save room for new wardrobe pieces!*


  1. I love being here, glad you're enjoying it as well!!!

  2. well this thing was one of the greatest thing to do when traveling

  3. Californian here <3 If you're in CA, you're going to have to check out a MAC Pro store, if you're a makeup junkie like me ;)

  4. Packing is so fun to me...Have fun :)


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