March 08, 2013

Eating in ATL {do at the view}

I can't believe it's already been a week since Jade's birthday celebration started! March is going by so quickly. Last Friday, we went to Do at the View -- a fun, hip, modern pizza place. They refer to their food as "musically inspired pizza." I did a short write up of Do at the View a while back, but here's an update!

There are multiple cool things about this place. Yes, the food is good & they create unique pizzas and similar dishes. But the way you order them is so much fun -- on iPads

They also have iPads above the mirrors in their (crazy futuristic) bathrooms, and you can take photos on that and then receive them via email later!

If you're a music lover, then you really need to visit this place. They encourage you to connect your smart phone to their music player and vote on songs for the restaurant to play, along with music video images to display on their white walls. It feels like you're eating dinner at a concert - pretty cool. It's a fun place for a small birthday dinner/party or just to eat before going out on the weekends.

Be sure to go up to their top level and witness the sweet view of Midtown Atlanta :)

Enjoy <3!

Other places I eat in ATL:


  1. food were as always scrumptious looking
    hmm but the girls were individually fabulous

  2. AHH! Already a week! =( WE should def go back! ^_^

  3. Seems you girls have had a nice time and looking very cute! Yum for the food, how cool order it on iPads!:) KISSES! xo

  4. you look lovely!
    love the pink blazer :)


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