June 03, 2012

Personality {I am Midtown ATL}

Personality - I've always been fascinated with understanding and analyzing different personalities. I even took a personality psychology class this past semester, and even though I didn't get an A...I think I learned a lot! :)

I've created a fun personality test that will match you with an area of ATL most related to your personality characteristics. Leave a comment with your results! FYI, I am Midtown Atlanta...perfect match since that's my home! Enjoy! 

What area of ATL are you?

1. What is your favorite group of colors?
  • A: yellow/blue/red
  • B: orange/green/black
  • C: blue/brown/green
  • D: red/green/black
  • E: gray/brown/white

2. Why do you love living in Atlanta?
  • A: Because of the many businesses/companies
  • B: Because of the great views and landscapes
  • C: Because of the upscale shopping and neighborhoods
  • D: Because of the historic and beautiful areas
  • E: Because of the unique ATL based restaurants/shops

3. What are your favorite type of events in the city?
  • A: Sporting events
  • B: Family events
  • C: Shopping & dining
  • D: Festivals
  • E: Local concerts/shows

4. How do you like things to be organized?
  • A: Perfectly organized, almost OCD-like
  • B: Grouped and neat, but it doesn't have to be perfection
  • C: My organization style changes with my mood
  • D: I organize things a specific way...my way
  • E: I'm pretty carefree and laid back

5. How do you like to get around the city?
  • A: MARTA
  • B: Carpooling with friends
  • C: Driving myself
  • D: Walking
  • E: Running/jogging

6. What celebrity do you most relate to?
  • A: Sarah Jessica Parker
  • B: Jay-Z
  • C: NeNe Leakes
  • D: Lady Gaga
  • E: Adele

Mostly A's - You are Downtown ATL - driven, feisty, fast-paced, ambitious, adventure seeking
Mostly B's - You are Midtown ATL - smart, classic, resourceful, strong, complex, intricate
Mostly C's - You are Buckhead ATL - current, intuitive, creative, charismatic, dreamer, elegant
Mostly D's - You are East ATL - original, fun, curious, considerate, friendly, open minded
Mostly E's - You are West Midtown ATL - modern, mechanical, laid back, artistic, a hidden treasure

View of Midtown from Georgia Tech's library, love my city!

If you've never been to your personality matching area of Atlanta, check it out! You might like what you find! <3


  1. I'm a three-way tie between Midtown ATL, Buckhead ATL, and West Midtown ATL. This was so fun - you go, girl!

  2. I'm an even split between downtown ATL and Buckhead ATL!

  3. Great, thanks for taking the quiz!


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