June 19, 2012

ATL loves {ikea}

It's super convenient that we have a HUGE IKEA store located right in Midtown Atlanta - lots of trendy and cheap home goods! Plus, going through the store is like going through an amusement park...insane

But, it's super annoying when it's time to go back to school and EVERYONE and their best friend in the south eastern region is shopping at IKEA at the same time! I started college in the summer and bought items for my room around this time of the summer...great idea! If you already know the dimensions of your dorm/apartment, I definitely suggest thinking about decorations now instead of later.

Here are some of my favorite picks from IKEA...I'm hoping some will end up in my apartment! :)

Stenklover Duvet cover & pillows
Tvabald Duvet cover & pillow
Gaspa Duvet cover & pillows


Emmie Land Duvet Cover & pillows


Odda 3 Drawer Chest
Malm 6 Drawer Chest
Antonius Laundry Bag

Hemnes Chest   

Antonius Frame Drawer


Eivor Cirkel Rug
Emmie Parla Rug
Hampen Rug (looks like grass!)

Gislev Rug
Lusy Blom Rug

Enjoy <3!


  1. Don't forget the great food deals at IKEA. Their upstairs cafeteria is great. $1.99 Chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetable dinner on Thursdays as one example.

  2. How could I forget about the food! Agreed :)


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