June 17, 2012

Celebrating {father's day}

I love holidays. Whether it's Christmas (my favorite), Valentine's Day, or Father's Day - holidays are a national reminder to celebrate our lives and the great people in our lives. Holidays can be difficult when you don't feel like there is someone to celebrate or something to celebrate, but I hope this post shows you that anyone can celebrate any holiday - yay, America!

Giving gifts is a fun part of holidays, but not always the most important part. If you're looking for a last minute Father's Day present, this site is great:

Ways for everyone to celebrate Father's Day:

Photo I took a few years ago on Father's Day

1. Think of three great people in your life who have been there to support you, love you, lead you, or care for you. Isn't that what a father is supposed to do? Tell them how much you love and appreciate them! A short, yet meaningful message can go a long way and really make someone's day. And, it will make you feel better too!

2. Go out somewhere new - Sure, there will be some families eating out celebrating their fathers, and why shouldn't you be out too?! Try that restaurant you always pass by, but never stop at. Call up an old friend and experience a new place together. Holidays are the perfect time to make fun memories!

3. Get to know {him} better - If you're celebrating the day with your father, friend, family members, or husband; use this day to learn something new about him! Playing games, going for walks, asking random questions, sharing memories - just talk!

4. Have a party - Parties are a great way to brighten any day! Invite over your favorite people, cook your favorite foods, mix some drinks, and enjoy the company of the people you love!

5. Plant something & watch it grow - I know it sounds cheesy, but creating a life with a plant/flower/tree is a really special thing. I planted some plant seeds in my backyard a few years ago and have been watching them grow ever since. Plants, like people, represent how fast time goes by and how every moment of life is truly worth celebrating!

Happy Father's Day Weekend, everyone! <3

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