June 14, 2012

Why {Cameron Williams} loves ATL

Cameron Williams  

College student, Music artist

Cameron at Georgia Tech

     What's your favorite spot in Atlanta: 

I love hittin' up Atlantic Station, whether it's for a date or a trip to the movies with my frat brothers. The environment is perfect for enjoying life to the fullest, the restaurants are some of the best in Atlanta, and the regulations they have in place ensure that it'll stay on point for a long time to come. Definitely needs to be on your list if you're makin' a trip through the city, you won't regret it. One of a kind.

             Why do you love ATL:

I've moved very frequently as a military kid, so I usually don't get fixated on one place for long, but there's something special about this city. It's a mix of the people, the nightlife, the diversity, and my ridiculous experiences as a Georgia Tech student. As an artist, fulfilling my dreams is one night away, this city offers the opportunity to reach greatness. I can't see myself anywhere else at this point in my life, everything happens here. Don't miss it.

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