June 18, 2012

Relaxing in ATL {wired & fired}

Art therapy is real. Drawing, painting, and creating something is therapeutic for people of any age and helps release built up tension and emotions. And, it's wayyy cheaper than other types of therapy :)

Wired & Fired is a pottery studio where you can go (alone or with friends) and paint your own pottery! The studio is open every day and even has late hours so that you can stop by after classes and/or work. Their prices are affordable and they even offer a coupon on the site - fabulous! Pottery makes great and sentimental gifts and can be practical! I've painted pottery about 9 or 10 times and it always calms me down and slows me down. It's easy to get so busy and involved that we forget to sit back, relax, and paint something.

Example creations from Wired & Fired
Example creations from Wired & Fired

Pottery painted by me :)
Pottery painted for me :)
They're located in the West Midtown area (1000 Marietta Street, Suite 104), with free parking, a private party room, & glass fusing. Sounds like the perfect afternoon or evening hangout! Enjoy! <3


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